9 Jul 2017 37 comments

Open Shelving In Our Kitchen.

Let’s talk… my love for open shelving!

It dawned on me whilst writing this intro that we have open shelving in every room in our house! Even the hallway! And the bathroom.
I find it so soothing and homely to see my favourite belongings out on display. I know that makes me sound approximately one hundred years old, but there’s something to be said for having your favourite items where you can see them!

I was in two minds about whether we needed anything on this wall, but I love the way it’s come together. A hint of organised clutter always sits well with me. Although if I’m honest we could definitely scale back these overstocked shelves – but that’s not really my style!

One of the more recent additions are the String shelves we put up in our kitchen. You may remember that this wall was previously left completely blank. I liked it at the time, but as we got used to the room I warmed to the idea of open shelving filling the high white walls.

String shelves are my favourite as they’re just so simple – no intrusive brackets or thick shelves taking up space. I like that they’re not too deep either, so they fit nicely on any wall. We have a small set in our bathroom already and I’ve always loved how minimal they look.

They’re also a very well thought out system; they can connect together to build the system up or down the wall, or you can use two Pocket Shelves sets and connect the middle section with a couple of shelves to make it in to a set of three. Awesome huh?

With my husbands coffee obsession taking hold (as if I can talk… *looks at entire makeup room*) we’ve basically dedicated every one of the six shelves to beans and cups and other interesting coffee paraphernalia. Most of which remains a complete mystery to me. Is it a bong? Is it a vase? Oh right, it’s a coffee… thing.

What I did bring to the party, however, was an assortment of hanging plants. I don’t hide my leafy addiction (still talking plants, promise) so the amount of greenery taking up valuable space on these shelves will be a shock to no one.

The contrast of the white and green, along with the occasional brass accent, just has me all heart-eyed! It’s so relaxing sitting just to the right of this area and soaking up the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Probably wondering if it’s worth an Instagram or nah.

What do you think of our new shelves?

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