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The Bold Lip Anyone Can Do.



Despite being an all-round beauty obsessive, I’ve never been great at lipstick. As much as I love and (I feel) suit a bold lip, I find the whole application process a bit of a palaver, especially for someone as impatient as me!
Usually a bold lip is done in a panic four minutes before the Uber is due to arrive, and I typically end up looking like some sort of overdone cannibal.

Nevertheless, I have persisted… and it’s paid off! I’m pretty much set for life with this no-fuss duo. The result is a berry lip that is a dream to apply and requires little maintenance throughout the day! So ideal for someone who likes to snack as much as I.


Enter the Revlon Matte Balm in Fiery; an oh so creamy formulation that glides on and stays on the lips for hours and hours of wear – I’ve found it even usually lasts pretty well throughout dinner too. 
I’m genuinely so impressed with the texture of this lipstick – it’s absolutely not drying at all, and this is coming from someone who was formerly on Roaccutane. Everything makes my lips feel dry!

Application is a breeze, I like to pair it with MAC Spice Lip Pencil for an added boost. I was never really sold on lip pencils before, but this just helps me to get a neater line and more of a shape to my lips.
I also feel that the whole look lasts just that little bit longer, and who can argue with that.

Honestly, this is absolutely a lip look that anyone can do. I was previously a bit naff at applying bold colours but this makes easy work of such a beautiful deep plum hue.
I pair it with a gold lid and lots of highlighter for the ultimate evening look. Beaut!

Will you be giving this a whirl?

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