31 Jan 2017 46 comments

Let’s Talk Lipstick.


If there’s one beauty product I’ve really fallen for in the last year or so, it’s lipstick! I’m really quite a minimal gal at heart, but I’ve been trying to make an effort when it comes to being adventurous with my lip colour.

The lovely team at Smashbox recently gifted me the entire Be Legendary lipstick line. That’s 120 shades. One hundred and twenty. If you ever see me buy lipstick again, please have a word with me.
Within the line there are 74 cream shades and 46 velvety mattes – basically everything you ever need to have the most perfect pout.

The colour range is… well, unbelievable really. What would you expect from 120 hues to choose from?
There’s mesmerising reds and understated nudes, and more daring fuchsias and bright and bold berries. There’s also rich shades of brown and black for those who are like to take risks when it comes to lip colour.


As for the formula, I truly don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with a lipstick range. The creamy shades glide on effortlessly and promise intense colour, with a hydrating finish. They have just the right amount of moisturising properties to make lips look healthy and full without being glossy.
My favourites have to be the matte shades – I love matte lip colour, especially brighter picks (when I can be bothered). These pack in pigment and nourishing texture with an effortless matte result.

It would be impossible to name my favourite shades, but at the moment I’m loving the vivid matte tones of Fuchsia Flash, and the lovely nude hue of Hide Out Cream.

If you’re after a lipstick line that won’t disappoint, definitely get swatching at the Smashbox counter!

What do you think of these lipsticks?