19 Jan 2017 38 comments

The Dreamiest Diptyque Find.

Perhaps this little Diptyque obsession of mine has taken over my life (not to mention my bank balance… wow), but I couldn’t not purchase this perfectly packaged pastel pick when I was in duty-free recently. It looks like it was made for me!

I file candle purchases under ‘self-care’, they completely transform my mood in the evenings and really contribute to me feeling like I have my shit together. Maybe my house is piled high with recycling, maybe I’m making to-do lists filled with tasks I’ve already completed, but I light a dreamy scented candle and I finally feel like I have it all figured out.

The Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle was definitely an impulse puchase! There wasn’t even a tester out to give it a whiff, but I made the right decision – it’s smells divine. I think rose scents can go either way – there’s the vibrant, powdery grandma scents, and there’s the enchanting, musky, floral, sophisticated notes of rose that speak to me loud and clear. This falls in the latter category.

diptyque3 diptyque4 diptyque5

If I had to compare this to something, I’d say it’s quite like the original Stella McCartney EDP. It’s so delicious, but in a very feminine, seductive way – how a scent should be.
Because of this, I’ve opted to place it on my bedside table. I get subtle whiffs of it all the time!

And the best bit? I haven’t even lit it yet! I swear the fragrance has already filled the room!

If you’re after something a little bit special, treat yourself to Rosa Mundi. It’s a dream come true for candle lovers.