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How To Be Your Best.

Turning 25 really changed me, I wanted to be the best person possible. I wanted to be one of those positive, glowy people that was a dream to be around, the kind of person that had her life together in all the right ways.
Over time I’ve definitely made some really positive changes; at first, small tweaks to my attitude, and in time, I moved on to bigger lifestyle changes that did wonders for how I felt about myself and others.

I’ve been working with Roger & Gallet and their new skincare line; Aura Miribiilis is inspired by the ancient workings of Aqua Mirabilis, a beauty ritual that was applied to skin for incredible benefits.
The products use 18 distilled plants, each known for their healing properties, to truly guarantee your best skin yet.
The range is everything I’ve dreamt of in a skincare line; quenching products that work deep down to leave my skin feeling fabulous, beautiful bottles that steal the spotlight in my bathroom, and an affordable price-tag to match!


Organise & Prioritise
I have a lot less free time than I once did, but my priorities have also shifted. Whereas I was once content with spending my weekends on the sofa, hungover and eating rubbish, I now much prefer to get out and do more with the two days I have free!
Get yourself organised, plan your workday accordingly so you’re not having to stay late in the office if you don’t need to, and reclaim your free time!
Make a list of what’s important to you, and fill your life with the things that make you happy – even if that’s just hitting ZARA on the weekend, or spending time with your cat.

I hate this idea that we are vain or conceited for caring about how we look. Feeling good about yourself is key to living a happy, healthy lifestyle so never feel guilty for the time you spend looking after you.
Something as simple as painting my nails fills me with such a wash of contentedness, and slicking on a face mask on a Sunday night means I’m so ready for Monday morning. It’s the little things!

I start with the Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask; a multi-use wonder than can be used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, or as a purifying mask for when the complexion needs that extra push. The softening formula is never drying, and is a crucial step in my routine for whenever my skin needs a pick-me-up.
I follow this up with the Beauty Vinegar; this is my favourite pick of the range – the clarifying tonic really helps prep my skin for the rest of my routine.
I sweep a drenched cotton pad over my face to remove any last traces of impurities – simple, but seriously effective!

I always use a treatment in my skincare lineup, something that provides a concentrated wash of dreamy ingredients! The Aura Mirabilis Double Extract is a bi-phase formula to restore the skin’s own barrier and provide intense hydration and radiance. It’s even suitable for sensitive skin!
Finally, a good helping of the Legendary Cream to finish. This uses white lily extract to provide hydration without the heavy feeling! I love these gel-cream hybrids, they sink in beautifully and allow my skin to breathe, and I always wake up with a clearer complexion come morning. Heavenly!
A skincare routine that makes you feel beautiful inside and out is never something to skip out on, so always make time for pampering yourself.


I’m a big fan of working on you; taking care of your mental health should be a really high priority, in my book.
Start by making small changes to your attitude; see the good in people and make others feel special! I’m pretty generous with compliments, real, honest compliments, and I love seeing how something so small can make others feel.
Taking time out for you is also so important! Ditch your phone for an afternoon, pick up a book or take a walk with your favourite album playing.

Stressing less is something I’ve had to really push myself to work on too. Stress just ruins me – I get a sore stomach, I can’t sleep and I find myself slipping when it comes to other areas of my life too.
If you can, delegate tasks to share your workload. Talk to your boss or colleagues about work issues that are bothering you, and confide in someone you trust if your personal life is suffering. Small tweaks make a big difference.


I can’t believe how much a lifestyle change has done for my overall health. I really didn’t believe exercise would help with anxiety, I didn’t think cutting out sugar where possible would help my skin.
Assess your lifestyle and see where you can make some changes to have a big impact. Can you walk to work? Take healthier lunches? Change your evening routine to fit in a run?

Every couple of months, I have a bit of a life sort-out and see where I can be better. It means I’m not changing everything at once, but rather constantly finding little ways to change.
Going to bed earlier, eating a healthy breakfast and getting a personal trainer are the best changes I’ve made in the last few months!

I’m all about trying to better myself all the time – it’s just second nature now to think about how I can feel happier and live a better life.

Do you have any tips for being better?

*This post is in collaboration with Roger&Gallet. All views my own.

  • I completely agree, as I’ve reached my mid twenties I way prefer to make the most of my weekend. I’ve also been focusing on my mental health and well being, it really is so important to be aware of your state of mind. Complimenting other people is so lovely, or maybe sending a friend flowers our the blue. Just ordered my sister some from Bloom and Wild. Loved this post Kate. 🙂 Laura x


  • Tiffany Tales

    Their packaging looks beautiful. Gorgeous pictures as always!

    Tiffany Tales | Beauty & Lifestyle

  • Sophie Helen Spiegelberger

    Your photos are such eye candy!

  • Simply beautiful ritual! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I love the subject of this article, but can I focus on the aesthetics of your room/bathroom?? Amazing! Simply gorgeous and relaxing in and of itself!

    xoxo Mollie


  • Lee

    Love love this post, and the photos are gorgeous. My tips on being better is focusing on being happy everyday and not letting negativity get you down. I always say look at the bright side of life. But also to do the best that I can and I can be.

    Lee | http://www.thatbellemakeup.co.uk

  • Loved your post! I turn 25 next May so I totally understand what you mean! Its pretty crazy how the time flies… I think the best thing is to make time for the important things and not give up on yourself. I love how crisp and beautiful your photos always are 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  • Maggie

    These photos are amazing! I am loving how all the gold pulls together! Its super cute! I will check out these products, they seem so comforting!


  • Very inspiring and lovely photos! Enjoying the little things in life, such as sunsets/sunrises, flowers etc. are very important I think

  • Loved this post! Beautiful photos as well 🙂

    xo, Liz

  • Sigute

    Your tips are all on point! I love exercise for a mood boost. And taking care of my appearance makes me feel happy on the inside just as much as the outside 🙂


  • Sheridan Grady

    Love all of these tips, I’ve been feeling the same recently and took steps to make myself feel better, a little fake tan and a coat of nail polish does wonders! x


  • Loving all of these helpful tips and recommendations <3 25 really is such a big year, and I'm feeling all of the things that you felt too 🙁 Hahaha hopefully everything gets better with time! All of your photos are super pretty, by the way!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • I really try to plan my weekends so they are free to relax and go do fun things, my time management and exercise has slipped over the last few months and I want to organise myself better to improve and get back on it!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Organisation always helps me feel my best self – if I’m on top of my to-do list, I always feel a lot more confident and positive 🙂
    Ambar x
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  • ”Never feel guilty for the time you spend looking after you.” I love that. It’s SO true!

  • This looks & sounds like a beautiful range! Making little changes is great as you can allow them to become habit before adding new ones 🙂

  • i’m quite busy on a day to day basis and its so important to me to take time to take care of myself.


  • Gorgeous photos (& some very wise words!) as always Kate. Recently I have been getting myself into the routine of getting up earlier and it’s really changed my life! I find that I sleep better, am more productive & just feel better in general.


  • Love this post and i feel like turning 28 is that for me. Really good points to note. And totally love the one on appearance, mental health and mindfulness.


  • Such real and kind advice! It’s wonderful to hear others have similar views to me when it comes to looking after yourself and maintaining a balanced lifestyle 🙂

    Daisy xox

  • Natalie Redman

    Great advice, more self-care for everyone is definitely needed. It would be the world a happier place for sure!


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    I know this is 100% off topic but THAT ELEPHANT TEAPOT OMG I NEED IT
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