5 Oct 2016 24 comments

My Diptyque Favourites.

It’s taken a turn for the cosiest lately, as the cold weather has left me snuggling under a million blankets, collecting teas and burning dreamy candles. I’m not usually one to lap up the colder weather, but this month has definitely felt quite romantic and comforting.

I’ve been asked a few times for my recommendations for Diptyque candles, so I’ve put together a little roundup for you. My obsession with the brand has hit an all time high, even going so far as to pick up a candle at Duty Free last month! What can I say, the packaging is so sexy… it woos me.

I have four fave candles from Diptyque now, some of them I’ve repurchased too. I think they’re so worth the money as the jars are beautiful to reuse – I have them sitting on my sink holding cotton puds and things, and a few of them sit on my dressing table with brushes inside. Yup, glorified pots really.
Admittedly, a few of the brands scents do seem a little wishy-washy but the four I adore always throw the scent, filling the room with the incredible fragrance.


Diptyque Vetyver Candle; This is a long-time love of mine, I even have the fragrance equivalent!
I repurchase it often, and every time I burn it I feel immediately revived. It’s like a cocktail in candle form.
This is woody, floral and seriously luxe – I tend to burn it in the wintery months as it has a sultry hint that feels quite intimate.
I think this is the most powerful pick of the lot, but I also think the candle itself isn’t the best – it’s the only one I ever have issues with! Be careful when you burn it first time as I never, ever get an even burn with this. Sigh! I still repurchase it though.

Diptyque Cyprès Candle; I keep Cyprès in my kitchen and burn it throughout the entire month of December as it feels so deliciously festive to me! It reminds me of pinecones and crushed pine needles, but with a mix of really warming notes too. It’s absolutely divine, definitely something to invest in if you like a calming environment.

Diptyque Genevrier Candle; This is quite a new find for me, but it quickly worked its way up to becoming one of my favourites!
I seem to love my greenery scents, as this has notes of juniper that are both fruity and woody – it’s really fresh but also quite feminine and earthy. A lovely uplifting pick!

Diptyque Oud Candle; My most recent addition, I bought Oud as my autumnal addition and I’m so glad I did! It’s just so comforting and homely.
This is actually quite similar to Vetyver now I think about it (I clearly have a type) – it has notes of sandalwood and patchouli, making it woody and warming.
I can tell this is going to be a firm favourite of mine, it’s like incense with a difference!


I think all Diptyque candles are little slices of heaven, made for perking us up! I find them so comforting, an essential in any home. Will you be treating yourself this season?