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The Happiness Planner.

You’ve probably been introduced to the Happiness Planners by now; the hardback books promote positivity and aim to get you on a more optimistic path. They’re journals for those who want to focus on the good!

Quite a few years ago, I was going through a hard time with panic attacks and anxiety after a breakup, and one of the things I read was to write down five good things you have to be thankful for, every single day. I would wake up and make this list – and it was anything from “I am seeing my best friend today” to “I had a good day at work”, but it made such a dramatic difference. It’s something I took and made part of my everyday life, something I still try to practice to this day.

The Happiness Planner combines this simple positive mindset and really works on it, creating a more self-aware you. It helps you to adopt a more positive, upbeat and thankful outlook, whilst also jotting down your thoughts, fears and ambitions.

I actually have two Happiness Planners – the monthly Happiness Planner, and the 100 Day Happiness Planner, which I’ll be talking about today.


The 100 day planner focuses more on self-reflection; helping you to understand what makes you happy, and what doesn’t. I can be quite a stressed person – I will hone in on the tiny details and get myself worked up way too easily. Taking the time to recognise what is worthy of my time and energy has really helped me to become a lighter, more easy going person.

There’s a lot of pages to fill out – from the qualities you would like to improve on, to what you would like to achieve in 100 days, to the things that make you unhappy. Alongside this, there’s quotes, rules to live by and opportunities to dream and reflect.

After a few sections where you get to know yourself a bit better, there’s a page for every day of the 100. Each page has a motivational quote, followed by space where you can jot down little bits of your day – such as things you’re excited about, your meals, schedule and to-do list.
At the end of every seven days, there’s a weekly reflection where you can look back at your week and think about how you felt, what you learned and how you can improve.

It’s definitely a book to keep you busy, but it’s one for the over-thinkers, the daydreamers and those who never quite feel like they’re doing enough. I love the idea of changing my thinking through making notes and looking back on what I’ve done and thought and felt.
It’s such a neat idea, and it’s really helping me to be a bit more mindful of myself, my decisions and also how I treat others.

It would make a lovely gift – to yourself or someone special! I absolutely love my Happiness Planner, and I really think it’s helping me to improve on myself every single day.

Will you be giving this a go?

  • I really need one of these!

    Jenna / http://www.beautyandthestyle.co.uk

  • Writing down what makes you happy is actually a good idea, I guess this is how “five good things” post started. Tbh I never considered getting one of these planners, but it might be useful in a long run!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • This is so cute 🙂 I really think these journals are gorgeous and have the cutest prompts. I feel like I couldn’t possibly find time to fill in ANOTHER journal right now (I may have gone a little overboard lately..) but I really want one! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  • Becca

    I love the sound of this! Anything that will help me not over think so much is worht a shot. Plus it looks super cute too! xx


  • Love this kind of planners!


  • This sounds amazing! 😀


  • This is so pretty! I really need to get a planner and get on top of my life! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  • I love this! It’s on my wish list now!

  • I have been thinking about getting one of these for a really long time but I still haven’t decided. I love to write things down and to keep a sort of journal so I think that I should get one!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • I always say I’m not a planner kind of person but maybe actually OWNING a planner like this would turn me into one.

  • I’ve never heard of the happiness planner before but it looks amazing! I definitely need one!
    Cloe X clxelouise.blogspot.com

  • Harriet patchett

    Love this, I’ve never heard of it but anything to spread positivity! xx

  • I love my planner and was lucky enough to interview Mo, the founder recently! Such an inspiring book. I’m going to the meetup next week in London 🙂

    Ella xx


  • Maryam Seyadi

    such a cute idea, I think I will give it a go 🙂 Thanks for sharing lovely

  • I’m so in love with this idea! It’s so easy to focus on the negative things in our life rather than the positive ones and simply writing out some things to be thankful for really does make a huge difference! Plus it’s beautiful – what a great prop 🙂

    Rebecca xx

  • This looks so sweet and just up my street! Will definitely be picking one up x
    Sophie Cliff

  • I think this would make a lovely gift. I may get one for my best friend’s birthday next month! Thanks for the inspo x


  • I love the idea of this! I find reflecting and trying to focus on the positives in each day (no matter how small) really helpful 🙂

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  • hanan abdi

    Planning is just so important, and these cute planners add to that :p xx


  • I’ve been in such a slump lately. This is definitely something that I need to introduce into my life! I’ve just started bullet journalling so I’m going to make a gratiude page for next month x

    Katina Lindaa | http://www.katinalindaa.com

  • emily couture

    These happiness planners sound very interesting! They look very cute 🙂

    emily xx


  • I’ve been looking like this recently. I love journals as they’re something so special to look back on. I may need to look more into this one. So cute!

    Carrie | http://carrieelise.com/

  • Laura Torninoja

    I love the sound of this! I’m definitely a massive over-thinker so this could be perfect for me 🙂 x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I love the idea of books like this! I’ve actually been looking to getting myself a gratitude journal, since I feel like jotting a few positives down from every day would probably make me a lot happier and more appreciative of the things I have. xx


  • the happiness planner just looks so soooo good and i have been wanting it for ages alongside my million other journals and planners.


  • Maggie

    I love this! I actually might get this! School has been such a drag on my happiness recently!


  • I love the way this sounds! It seems like a great way to focus on the positive and live a better life

  • I think this sounds like a great gift idea for myself and others!

  • Torey BeautyandBeatitudes.com

    This sounds like something I would use! I’m a firm believer of writing things down to focus on them/become better. Thanks for sharing. xo

  • I love this! I definitely need something to keep me on the right path sometimes and this sounds like a lovely concept.

    jen / velvetspring.co.uk xx

  • Such a pretty planner! I love the gold print.


  • I’ve got this planner, and when I started I was really down, unsure and lacking but now I’m so happy, so grateful for where I am and don’t find myself having to keep note, because I’m living in this moment! Great at focusing you towards good things.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Nadia Sabrina

    This really speaks to me and is just what I need. Thank you for this post, Kate!

    Love from Indonesia,

  • This planner sounds totally interesting and something like a personal therapy to use at home to keep yourself organised and focused – thanks so much for highlighting such a unique product!

    Mel ★ meleaglestone.co.uk

  • Ahhh this looks so pretty. I might be needing that for days when I’m not being too optimistic, which is happening rather often! x

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

  • I’ve never seen the Happiness Planner before but it looks so cute! From a stationery lover, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  • Jen

    It doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty! 😉 Love this! x

    Jen | affecionada

  • That seems pretty cool, indeed!
    Nazlıgül | on my own way
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  • Evalyne Njeri

    I Live in Kenya and i know the place called Kirinyaga. Have you been? You should visit.

  • FloralsandCoralsx

    These look so cute and inspiring! Definitely something ill look into. I adore stationary anyway and so the idea of this amazes me! Thanks for sharing and beautiful pictures x
    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog xx

  • I love the look of this planner, it definitely looks like something I want to try! So pretty as well 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • This sounds like such an amazing idea. I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks as well so this might be a good purchase for me. Thank you for sharing!
    xx Dany | The Queens Empire

  • Reading this post and other people’s comments has me thinking that I should definitely purchase this!! xx


  • This looks such a good idea. I’ve never gotten into any types of ‘blogger’ (lol) planners/journals. Bullet, happiness, life etc. But they all look so interesting & when I see how much enjoyment other are getting out of theirs I end up kicking myself for not trying one sooner!

    Katie // Words by Katie

  • This looks like a wonderful idea, so tempted to purchase one!


  • I have been wanting to get the Happiness Planner for a while now, it just looks like such a good idea.

    Alicia xx

  • I have wants these for so long! The light blue one looks so pretty!


  • I totally have to stop myself from buying all the different types of planners I see! (:
    Naomi | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Nat

    Ooo I wanted one of these last year but I never bothered to pick one up… Think I’ll be adding it to my Christmas list this year! Hell I may even treat myself to it! 😉


  • I feel like this planner would help me appreciate the little things in life as recently I found myself getting more and more miserable. What a great idea!

    Grožio Rekrūtai

  • Indi Stilling

    This planner sounds really useful!


  • Anna
  • I’ve seen sooo many good things about The Happiness Planner. It just looks so sweet. I think it’s nice to have a planner with extra special touches like this one offers. It looks like it really can help to keep you feeling positive. I’m super tempted to treat myself to one!
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

  • Lucy Birchall

    I love the idea of these as they’re far more interactive than a bog standard diary which, despite every effort, I always never fully use. I saw these amongst other similar sort of books in Selfridges and definitely need to treat myself to one, one day!

    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty

  • I’ve never heard of these before but, in one way or another, I already make little notes in various planners and notebooks to help me focus on the positive things. Really think I’ll invest in a Happiness Planner though – such a helpful tool. Thanks.


  • CutieandherBeauty

    This is such a beautiful idea for a planner.I’m completely a planner gal.I would loveee this planner.Positive vibes only!(:


  • I’ve heard of this planner, and though I don’t have one just yet, I’ve been wanting to get one because I think it’ll really be helpful, especially when I’m feeling down and lost. I think it’s a great idea for everyone to keep one 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • I haven’t heard of this before, but have created a journal for focusing on similar positive thoughts. I too hone in on tiny details, but I’m just starting to get better at rationalising my thoughts and it is doing me the world of good! I’ll most certainly be keeping this in mind for the future – thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Rhea Warren

    How I haven’t picked myself up one of these yet, I’ll have no idea! Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Rhea x