15 May 2016 57 comments

Makeup Storage Tips & Tricks.

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Life is way too short not to have a pretty makeup table! One of the things I get asked most about is how I style and organise my dressing table, so I wanted to put together some tips and tricks for creating the perfect place to carry out your makeup routine…

Storage is key if you want an organised dressing table! I have a mix of acrylic storage from MUJI, as well as drawer inserts and dividers – it just makes organising things like eyeliners and lipsticks.
I know the whole acrylic organiser thing is so done, but they work – it makes seeing what you have super easy, and you can make them so pretty.
I also recommend empty candle jars, toothbrush holders and pretty glasses for keeping brushes, lashes or polishes together. I like to think outside of the box when it comes to storage sometimes, so don’t be scared to look around your home and think what would work better sitting atop your dressing table.

Baskets and trays are my two favourite methods of organising – especially if, like me, you have a ridiculous amount of makeup! I always head straight to H&M for pretty accessories, it doesn’t take much to display your favourite products.

I’ve covered this more in my video below, but I really do think styling is such a big part of creating a pretty space. It’s really easy to create a nice dressing table with copper lipsticks and gorgeous palettes, so play around with your makeup stash and see what you can create!
Perfumes, jars of brushes, washi tape and nail polishes are my go-to products for styling up my vanity.

Of course, the below video will give you a bit more of an idea when it comes to getting your makeup stash looking lovely, and I’ve also added links and things in the description.

Will you be trying any of my tips?