5 Jul 2020 9 comments

My July Goals.

Hello, July!

It feels like June just passed me by, it didn’t feel like a month at all! I didn’t blog, I wasn’t online too much and I felt a lot of emotions as the days went by.
I still feel a little bit out of it, but I do want to get back to blogging and even vlogging and a monthly goals post seemed like an easy place to start.

After all the uncertainty of the last wee while, it feels like there is a little bit of relief over the coming weeks and I have a slightly busier month than the previous lockdown lineup! Here’s what July will bring…

01. We’re moving! I know I said we would be renovating the new flat to rent out, but once we started working on it we realised what a catch the place was. An extra bedroom, a beaut garden, and a great location… it seemed like the right idea to move in to it ourselves. It took me a while to reach this decision, and even now I really don’t want to leave our lovely little home! You would think after four months of the same walls, I’d be itching to get in to the new place – and in some ways I am, but I’m also so attached to this flat we’ve lived in for six years.
We have so many happy memories here – and some sad memories too – and we’ve truly made it our own over the years. But moving is the right thing to do, and we’ll make our mark on the next place too! Which leads me to my next goal…

02. Lots of renovation content. I had SO much planned for June & July, but ultimately it didn’t feel right posting and so I decided to scrap a lot of it – but there is some renovation content coming your way. I’ve already shared a full apartment tour of our current flat over on IGTV, and I’ve got a longer version coming for YouTube too.
Of course, I’ll share the renovation journey in the new place once we’re a bit more settled, I can’t wait for it to all be done! I do want to do more interiors posts so I think going forward I’ll definitely be sharing a lot more of that on my platforms.

03. Some shop plans too! I said last year that we were thinking of selling our coffee shop, Market. It was always something we had planned to do for a short period of time, but recently I’ve felt a shift and have wanted to be more offline, and so we rejigged the business a little and it’s given it a whole new lease of life! I think I’ve truly realised how much I need to step away from social media and having the shop allows us to meet new people, have another income, get involved with our little community and spend time on something we love so much. It’s such a fun little joint venture and we have lots of plans in the pipeline for it!

04. Post SHOTY life! The TV show I’m part of, Scotland’s Home Of The Year, ended this week after ten episodes, and it’s been absolutely incredible. I honestly cannot believe the reaction this year, it feels so much bigger than series one – it’s just WILD.
I’m sad that it’s all over, but the final was awesome and we’ve just found out we’ll be back again for series 3! Obviously it’s a bit tricky to plan when we’ll be able to film (we usually head out in August and September) but here’s hoping we’re able to make it happen this year. I really didn’t expect the show to take off like it has, but I’m so pleased everyone is enjoying it! Here’s to series three – YAY!

So that’s a little bit of an update on me at the moment, I’m feeling ready to get stuck in to new projects, start life in our new flat and have a bit of downtime after moving and renovation stress too! What’s new with you guys this month?

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