4 Feb 2020 17 comments

My February Goals.

A fresh start 2.0!

Is it just me or does February feel like a bit of a do-over too? Like a second chance at that fresh start January feeling. I’m definitely embracing much of that same New Year ethos and channeling it in to all areas of my life – this month I want to work harder, look after myself better and make a proper start on some of my goals for the year!

Here’s more of what I’m getting up to this month…

01. We’re off on our first trip in a while! It’s been ages since Jord and I had a trip away, I think the last one was Jamaica in September! I’m a typical Sagittarius, I get restless being at home too long so I always like to fill up my diary with trips away – anything to escape this horrible Scottish weather.
One day last month we sat down and planned out our trips for the coming months so we have one a month, and this month we’re off to Marrakech! It’s my first time there but believe me when I say I’ve been hoping to go FOREVER. The weather is looking beautiful, we have a good balance of activities, work and rest planned out and I can’t wait to explore.

02. More renovation progress. Now I’ve had a few months at home I’ve managed to get ahead with flat planning, I’ve got a timeline on the go and it’s starting to take shape. I want to share some progress and moodboards with you so I’ll work on that as I go, but for now it’s a bit of a building site.

On the list for February is; finish the panelling and painting (done!), have the radiators fitted (happening end of this week) and I want to have a site visit for the bathroom renovation so I can finish planning and then buy everything we need (hopefully end of next week). I also need to buy new light fittings and get the ceiling roses put up too – all in the coming weeks! Fingers crossed we stay on track.

03. I didn’t really give a Dry January update in the end, but oddly I really enjoyed it. It was fun to test myself like that, it gave me such a refreshing outlook on drinking! I used to be one of those people who would have a glass of wine at every social occasion – every gig, birthday dinner and night out – but now I’m feeling like I don’t need to anymore. Scotland is pretty big on drinking so it’s quite common for all of my friends to have a beer or a wine if we meet for dinner, and you never want to be the only one not drinking do you?
Now I know I can do it, I’m feeling pretty triumphant. I haven’t really been bothered about having my usual weekend wine since January ended, and although I know I’ll still have the occasional drink I feel differently (better) about alcohol in general. So yes, more of that this month!

04. A slow declutter. As we get ready to move at some point this year, I’ve slowly been tackling the clutter that has built up while we’ve been living here. Oddly, it’s not even clothes that are the problem – I truly hate clothes shopping so I never feel like my wardrobe is out of control. It’s everything else!
All the press parcels that come my way, random DIY bits we might need one day, photo props, decorative accessories and even storage solutions seem to be my downfall. It’s the bigger items I can never be bothered taking to the charity shop (seriously, how do I even get rid of half this stuff? Will the charity shop even take it??? WHO KNOWS)
Anyway, I’m pretty ruthless so probably by the time we move we’ll have a box of stuff between us.

05. An exciting work month! I have some really great campaigns to work on this month, I always feel like the start of the year is so slow for work so I sort of mentally prepare myself to take January off and I’m always glad when February picks up.
I feel so incredibly lucky to get to work with my favourite brands – there’s a lot of bumf that comes our way in this job (teeth whitening brands, tummy teas and all the rest) and sometimes there can be a bit of an internal moral battle when it comes to turning down these (often surprisingly well paid!) jobs to keep it real. So please know that every brand and product I chose to promote is something I absolutely adore, and it means so much when you guys engage with my content – sponsored and otherwise.
I work really hard to be authentic and trustworthy so I hope you guys feel that way about everything I upload!

So not a bad few weeks ahead of me! I do have a seriously nasty cold at the moment but I’m hoping Lemsip, a hot bath and a big comforting dinner will sort me out…
What’s on the cards for you this month?

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  • My goal for February is actually to get back into blogging once a week. It’s been ages since I’ve been on a proper schedule but I miss doing it. And I’m excited because my little sister is coming to visit me and I normally only get to see her once a year!
    xo, Rowan

  • Ashlee Roeschen

    I love having goals. I feel like I have something to look forward to in life and become a badass.

  • Your place is total goals! I’m totally with you on Feb being a second fresh start.



  • I really enjoyed reading this post! We are currently renovating our home so it’s nice seeing what everybody else is up to for inspiration as well! 🙂

    Claire | Rose-Tinted

  • Ooooh a trip away sounds fab!! I’m also going on my first trip of the year this month, and I’m excited to see a bit of the woods & the sea in a couple of weeks. Congrats on having a good work month; your authenticity is always so evident in that area 🙂 Loving these interior shots, as always!!

    Brine & Books

  • I’ve been wanting to go on a trip too! <3 🙂 Loved reading about all of your goals for the month!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  • Totally agree that February can be, and is, another chance at a fresh start! Also, I came across your blog pretty recently, and your authenticity was pretty much immediately evident. Thank you for that! Cheers to a new month.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  • Good luck on your goals this month! x

    erin x | littlesipsoftea.com

  • Wow. You’re lucky to be able to plan one trip a month. Some people can’t even afford to do one trip a year! Usually, for me, it’s one trip every year or two depending on the destination. This year I’ll be visiting London and Glasgow in late-February and Aruba in April. Two trips in one year is ultra rare for me, so I’m going to take advantage of my time off and enjoy every minute!

  • Lisa Autumn

    Happy Feb Kate!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  • I’m excited to see what you get up to this month! I’m already enjoying watching your Origins trip on Stories.

  • I also did dry January and it’s made me change my whole view towards alcohol. I used to always drink alcohol in the evenings or after work if if I went out and now I’m not finding myself wanting to do that! It’s a much healthier habit.
    Chloe X http://www.chloelxuise.com/

  • I feel like I’m seeing more and more people try these dry month challenges. It’s very interesting! Maybe I’ll try it out as well 🙂 Everyone seems to come out at the end of the month feeling better.


  • Natalie Redman
  • Love your goals! A trip away sounds amazing!


  • 不让出门,只能刷刷博客了!

  • Good luck with all of your goals this month! I’m trying to declutter this month too, but very smoothly haha! xo