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A Tour Of My Wardrobe.

There is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly organised closet, if you ask me! I actually haven’t arranged my wardrobes to their full potential just yet as I’m still figuring out the best way to do so, but I thought I’d give you a tour anyway…

A look inside my closet…

The first day these wardrobes were finished and my clothes had been organised, I sat and marvelled at the beauty of it all! Everything in it’s place, a hanger for every dress, skirt and jumper (with more to spare!)… it was exactly what I had imagined. Welcome to life in your late twenties, people.

We’ve been slowly winding down the home renovations while the new flat is being worked on and we prepare to move, but I just had to sort out our wardrobe situation! I was in two minds about having these wardrobes built, it seemed pointless to spend the money when we’re not going to be living here for much longer, but in the end I relented for a few reasons…

1. We were desperate for a proper clothes storage system, our previous situation wasn’t ideal in the long run and we both agreed when the new wardrobe was finished that it was worth the money.
2. I thought that whoever lives here next would appreciate an entire wall of wardrobes already in the flat, and I’m sure it’ll add value to the property when we come to sell it.
3. It gave us a chance to try built-in wardrobes (we’ve both never really had them before!), and see how the set-up works for us so we can decide if we want the same thing in our next place.

And so we got to work planning them! I took ideas from Pinterest and then handed over the designs to our usual joiner to work with. I planned out the internal sections too – we had enough space for a double wardrobe each, and then another in the middle which I wanted for all my midi and maxi dresses, as well as Jordan’s suits and some of our nicer coats.

We had thought about painting the wardrobes but couldn’t commit to a single paint colour, and in the end we went with white which I really like – they blend in with the room and don’t look too modern in the space.
I picked beautiful brass hex hardware from Dowsing & Reynolds, which they kindly gifted to me, and these finished the doors off perfectly!

The brass details continue with our wonderful Spark and Bell ceiling light and Maisons Du Monde bedside lights (both gifted), I love how this room has a bit of a Parisian feel to it with the chevron flooring.

The details…

I already had these gold hangers from Zara Home, but they were getting quite expensive to repurchase every time I needed more. Eventually I tracked down this brass set from Amazon, they’ve worked out well but now I have two different kinds of hangers!

To get round this I’ve just divided them up – I have the old set in the middle section which holds all my dresses, skirts and trousers, and the new set is in the section with my blouses and knitwear. I’m a problem solver, me.

Our joiner used IKEA drawers which he built in to the wardrobes (both mine and Jordan’s, I didn’t photograph his because it is a sea of black!), which cut time and money. These weren’t my first choice of drawers, the ones I wanted were out of stock. I actually wouldn’t have these drawers again as the top two aren’t deep enough to hold anything!

We’ve lived with the wardrobes for a little while now and I don’t think there’s much else we would change. At the moment we don’t have any other drawers, but I think in our next place we will have a chest of drawers in the bedroom and have the built-in wardrobes in the spare room. Our new flat has three bedrooms (current one has two) but the rooms are smaller, so this will work out a bit better for us.

I think I would also probably have two shelves up the top to make it easier to store and organise my bags, although I recently added a bamboo coat rack to the back of the door which has helped to display them a little better.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to see and find all my favourite outfits! These wardrobes have really changed the game for us… now I just need to get better at putting clothes back on the hangers every time I get dressed!

What do you think of our new wardrobes?!

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