6 Nov 2017 42 comments

Autumn Wardrobe Additions.

My wardrobe has had an update…

Who doesn’t go a little crazy when the new season style picks land? Yup, we’re all in this together!
Autumn is probably my favourite season because it’s just so fun fashion-wise; we add in textures and tones and layers and accessories that have been tucked away for months. It’s a chance to introduce a whole new palette of colours, and stock up on beaut winter boots – and that’s exactly what I’ve done this season!

Mustard & blush!

Yeah, so… it’s kind of obvious which tones I’m feeling right now! My love for mustard has run over from my interiors to my wardrobe, and I’m not one bit upset about it.
My absolute favourite item of clothing is this Mango Mustard Metallic Skirt, I could wear this every single day! Paired with a simple jumper and a pair of black ankle boots, it’s my everyday outfit at the moment.

I’m getting a whole lot of use out of these Mango Polka Dot blouses, I have the black and white versions and they go with everything! The white is perfect for dressing up blue jeans, while the black looks great with the aforementioned mustard skirt or basically 80% of my wardrobe!

As for footwear, allow me to introduce one of theΒ best boot finds ever (if that’s a thing…)
These gold-detailed grain finish ankle boots are for fans of the Acne Jensen boots (moi) who are aren’t fans of silver (also moi), they’re pretty similar but with a brass finish! Plus, they’re the perfect height and are incredibly comfy too.
You’re no doubt eyeing up the beautiful sequin star print boots though, and I totally get it – I was smitten with these before they had even arrived on the site! They’re a bit of a statement piece, but exactly what my wardrobe was missing.

In terms of accessories, I’m currently all about two trends: berets and tassel earrings! What a pairing. As much as I love a classic black beret (well, aside from all the lint rolling it entails) I’ve been switching it up with this camel cutie, and also a lovely baby pink pick! I’m like your crazy auntie as this point, but I’m just going to roll with it.
Berets are just so chic – they’re my favourite for throwing on for less-than-desirable weather (and for hiding greasy roots! What a revelation!)

You guys have all been asking about my favourite moon and stars layered necklace, and I’m pleased to say it’s still in stock. I wear this with everything, from V-neck jumpers to pretty shirts, jumpers and blouses. It’s the ultimate last-minute addition that updates your outfit in a flash!


I find it really easy to style outfits when I have a bit of a formula to work with, so I usually stick to midi skirts, a cute blouse or jumper, ankle boots and a pretty bag, or jeans, loafers, and a cable knit jumper for a more casual ensemble.

Then I layer on accessories like a beret, some gold jewellery and a big thick scarf or faux fur stole. It cuts down on decision-making time but I still get a pretty cute outfit out of it!

brass details, always!

I made a bit of a panic decision on this suede tan Jw Anderson bag, I had a voucher to use that was going to expire at midnight and this bag caught my eye. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if i hadn’t had the voucher, but now I have it, I love it. The perfect piece for autumn and beyond!

Berets are my current obsession!

My autumn wardrobe is looking pretty lovely right about now, without bursts of bold colours and metallics mixed in. What do you think of my picks?

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