30 Dec 2016 18 comments

Elderflower Fizz Cocktails.

With the new year on the horizon (ahh!), I wanted to create a drink that was special enough for the celebrations. Something to wow your guests and totally end up on Instagram… so that’s exactly what I did!

I’m not a ‘going out’ kinda person, my New Year’s usually involves sitting in with friends and cocktails, so this is the perfect drink for me.
It’s also worth noting that this looks a whole lot more complicated than it is! You have a seriously simple cocktail on your hands with this fizzy concoction.
Plus, it really is such a delicious combination – a whole lot more fun than sipping straight up prosecco.


I used fresh flowers for garnish, which are obviously not to be eaten, so I recommend getting the dried (edible) variety if you’re planning to recreate.
Serve up in pretty champagne saucers and you’re all set!

The below makes one drink.


25ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
Sorbet (flavour is up to you, we went for strawberry!)


Use an ice-cream scoop to get a nice round sphere of sorbet, then add it to your glasses.
Pour over a shot of St Germain, then fill the glass with prosecco.
Garnish with edible flowers and serve. Oh so easy!

The sweetness of the sorbet takes the edge off the prosecco, and the St Germain adds a lovely twist. It’s a summer sip, but something everyone will love this New Year’s!

Will you be making these?