20 Nov 2016 28 comments

Office Plans: A Moodboard.

Since we’re living in the middle of a building site right now, I thought I’d at least dream up what’s to come once it’s finished!
When I’m done being surrounded by plaster dust and paint tins, I’m moving on to the fun stuff – buying soft furnishings and cute pieces of furniture for the space.

Our flat is always a bit of a work in progress, mainly because it’s old and was a bit of a shell when we got it! We’ve done most of the big jobs, but there was still a couple of rooms that had badly done lining paper, broken radiators and messy skirting boards.
Of course, these are all jobs we can live without doing for a while, but they did need to be seen to eventually.

Currently, the wallpaper in my office is being stripped and the walls reskimmed and painted white – a bit of a big job, but essential for an old flat like ours!
Once that’s done, I’m going to have chevron oak flooring (picture credit) put down to replace the messy, old white floorboards in the room. Again, a big job but worth doing for a pretty room.

At the moment, the room is a bit of a mix of being my “makeup room” and my workspace, so it gets a bit messy and I haven’t enjoyed working in there. I want to turn it in to a more calm environment – somewhere I can retreat to for space and inspiration.
I’m going to take my dressing table out of the room, and make it in to an office/chilled area.

The first thing I’m going to add to the room is a pink sofa bed – it sounds naff but I found this fold-down sofa bed, so it looks a lot more like a couch than a bed! I finally get my pink sofa of dreams (without Jordan raising an eyebrow) and it’s also going to be good when we have guests, since all my family have decided to live in New Zealand now.

My style is very Parisian, so I’m definitely going for this more in the bedroom and office. I love white walls, gold details and chevron floors, with touches of pink and grey everywhere!
I adore the West Elm ceiling lights, which are currently only available in the US, so I hope I can find something similar. I love these modern brass chandeliers!
I also need to find a cheaper alternative to the Flos Floor Lamp – I think this would go so well with the pink sofa. Let the Google search commence!

As for my desk, this is something I’ve never been able to decide on. I have honestly been through about six desks in that room, but I’ve never found the right one!
I like this marble top Oliver Bonas number, but it is slightly small for what I need. Ideally, a marble top metal frame piece with brass legs is my dream find, but I’m not sure such a thing exists. I might have to get crafty!
I did find this adorbs pink chair though, which would be lovely in the room. Finding office chairs is SO hard!

The other addition I’m dreaming of is a String shelving system – I’m just in love with how polished and minimal these look! I think Pinterest kick-started my obsession many years ago now, and I’ve never got over the idea.
We have a small set of the pocket shelves in our bathroom and I adore them, and I think a system with some shelves and some drawers could be the storage I’m looking for.
They’re quite pricey though, and it takes a lot of planning to get yours right… so that’s been putting me off a little. Has anyone got a String system and can recommend?

I’m looking forward to having more of a chilled out office space, rather than a hectic room full of boxes and makeup!

What do you think of my plans?

  • I love this theme white, minimalist, clean. I will go for it in my very future decorating time for my house. Thanks for inspirations! Love you! :-*

  • That pink office chair is gorgeous! I’m still living at home and my bedroom is slowly being filled with too many bits and bobs for my future living room haha… I’m moving out in 2018 and I’m still tempted to buy that gorgeous chair! The floor lamp I agree goes so well with the chair, but as you said that’s quite a high price point. By the sounds of it your office is going to look fab and be a lovely space once it’s done, I look forward to seeing whether you get crafty with making your own desk! x

    Jodie / jodiemelissa.com

  • I love anything pink or blush colour . . . And that fabulous couch is no exception! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Love all of these items, especially the pink sofa! I also love the Parisian interior style.

  • Such a beautiful mood board – your interior design posts are always so inspiring! 🙂
    Ambar x
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  • Sounds like it will be beautiful! I would love an office with those decos! Xx


  • Amy

    Gorgeous items Kate as always. So excited to see your new office once it’s done – I’ve no doubt it will be anything short of stunning!

    Amy | http://www.whatamydid.co.uk

  • Beautiful mood board, absolutely love that pink sofa!

    Laura xx

  • So many lovely ideas – can’t wait to see it. Loving the blush hues

    – Natalie

  • Nadia Sabrina

    Omg loving all of these! Beautiful collage, Kate!

    Love from Indonesia,

  • can i please have the pink sofa? its just so cute. my boyfriend would probably hate me but thats alright.


  • This moodboard is just everything – you have such amazing taste! I’m in love with the pink sofa and the desk chair x


  • Slow applause. Yes! Love it. After our wedding next year, we want to get a house so that we can have a bit more space. My office space is quite small and can get cold in Winter because there is no heating… its basically a cupboard! haha. I love all your ideas. Can’t wait to see it all unfold.




  • Jayne

    That sofa is an absolute dream, love the inspiration. x


  • Seriously loving the sofa! I wish I had enough room to create an office space.

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.blogspot.co.uk

  • Ana

    I love your office inspo! I am actually thinking about refurbing my office and this is definitely making me much more excited about doing so!



  • The Oliver Bonas marble desk is SO cute!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Sophie Helen Spiegelberger

    Your style is just #goals!

  • Danielle Parisi

    Blush pink is everything!!!! It’ll look amazing, string shelving is awesome, Monoqi is selling a much more affordable system at the moment that looks very similar! Good luck with the building works 🙂


  • Great inspiration, looks like you really know what you want.

  • That Arlo chair is beautiful – I agree, it is so hard to find a good office chair! Steph x

  • Oh my a pink sofa bed will be absolutely dreamy! I can’t wait to see the results.


  • Obsessed!!!

  • Abi

    Your home decor style is just on point! Everything you pick out I instantly want, pink sofas all the way 🙂


  • Tess

    Hi Kate – Tomado do shelves exactly the same as String shelves and you can get them now on Monoqi (this week only I think) for about £35!

  • claudia wright

    LOOOVEEE that colour scheme- it’s the exact one I’m going for with my new bedroom. AND THAT CHAIR! I just wish the delivery time wasn’t February and I would have snapped it up!

    Claudia xx

  • Emma

    Your decor always looks absolutely amazing so I’m looking forward to seeing what the end result is. I agree, nice desks and office chairs are difficult to find!

    Emma | emmaetc.com

  • Julianne

    If you’re still looking for a marble/brass desk, check out this gorgeous piece from CB2! It’s $$$ but my total dream desk and been on my wishlist forever! https://www.cb2.com/dahlia-marble-desk/s578662

    xo, Julianne | thewinkblog.com