29 May 2016 46 comments

Styling Your Workspace.


Having a bright, tidy workspace is the secret to getting through your to-do list, so I always make sure my desk looks organised and inspirational! I’ve had some requests for a ‘workspace styling tips’ type video, so I got to work…

This video has been the bane of my life this week. Even now, my office is in ruins because these videos are so time-consuming and messy to make! I had to make several pages of notes before I even started, I used two cameras and had multiple battery charging sprees throughout. I filmed it over four days, and an entire day was lost to finding music! But it’s here, and I like it.

I like a clean, airy workspace – lots of white, but with pops of colour from accessories and greenery. As I always say, greenery adds so much to a space and I really love a houseplant on my desk, it just feels so calming!
I know my interiors aren’t for everyone, I’m all about the cluttered space – a busy area that makes me feel motivated and ready to work! Of course, you could still follow these tips and keep the books, houseplants etc. streamlined for a more minimal space.


First, add in the essentials like your computer, desk accessories, books and notepads. This helps you to work around the everyday items you need to have to hand – there’s not point having a desk if you’re having to get out of your chair every ten minutes to fetch items, so grab what you need and we can organise this nicely.

Then you can go in with a few more accessories to brighten the space. Houseplants, hand cream, prints, lamps and candles all make a space a bit more personal and fun.
I love H&M Home for deskside pieces, they have everything from pen pots to trays and baskets!

I recommend organising your desk essentials to keep your workspace looking streamlined and tidy – organisers like trays and baskets are great for keeping everything together, and a set of drawers will really help to hide anything unsightly or otherwise unneeded.

Don’t forget to make your space practical to work in – if you’re having to write notes on top of your keyboard, or lean across piles of books to get to pens, you need to rethink the space. Try to streamline the area whilst also keeping it personal and fun! It’s all about balance.

Of course, you can see my styling tips in action below! Tweet or tag me in pictures if you decide to try any of these tips…

Will you be spending this long weekend styling your workspace?