2 May 2016 38 comments

May Goals.


Remember Christmas, last month? Oh no wait, that was FIVE MONTHS AGO. Either I’m getting old, or time is moving way too quickly. Still, at least we’re inching closer to summer, right?

01. Start a new DIY project. I’ve finished quite a few little home DIYs lately, from my pantry to the new rail in our kitchen, so it’s high time we started something else. We have a hallway cupboard that is a total tip, so I plan to get that replastered, rewired and have shelves built in. A boring job, but it’s gotta be done!
I also want to switch up our bathroom a little, so I’m trying to plan that! All shall be revealed soon.

02. Up my fitness game. I’ve been going to the gym a few times a week since December, which has been great, but I feel like I do need to put a bit more effort in. I seem to neglect it when I’m away, and then it becomes so hard to get back in to the swing of things when I get home.
May is all about stepping my gym routine up a notch – more weighted lunges, less time putting off going!

03. A blog overhaul. I’ve been doing a lot more vlogging than blogging these days, but I never want to neglect my blog. I think it’s time for a bit of an overhaul; more structure, a sleeker design, and set days to post on. I think I’ll cut down, and post maybe four times a week instead of daily, along with three times a week over on YouTube. How does that sound?

Here’s to killin’ it in May! What have you guys got planned for the month?

  • You have some great goals for this month Kate! I need to up my fitness game this month as well! Summer is just round the corner and I need to tone up ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Ambar x

  • Wellwell Girl

    oh god the calendar is very cute! x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  • I love your blog design now but can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


  • Ashley Christabelle

    Same as you, I’m trying to work out a little harder this May. Compared to how I worked out last year, I’m doing pretty good these past two months and am happy with the progress that I’m seeing so far. Hope you succeed in that one! x


  • Dรฉsirรฉe

    I’d love to see, how you make furniture that doesn’t look great, nice again or how you spray paint something. I have no idea how to do these ‘easy’ things or what kind of products to use.
    Have a nice day, Kate.

  • Jen

    How is it May already? Same as you I really need to up my fitness game, been so unhealthy lately and need to sort myself out. I also want to focus on my blog a bit more.

  • I found it a lot easier to set a schedule for YouTube & the blog, it means you stay balanced and don’t end up focusing on one more than the other!

    JessicaLaurenHatcher.com // Twitter // Instagram โ™ฅ

  • Jenny Scott Russell

    Looking forward to the blog revamp! And I agree, time is moving so fast this year x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

  • Pali T.

    Looking for ward to those blog overhaul!! I love your blogging style so much <3


  • Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with your blog next, and thumbs up and fingers crossed for your new workout routine! I’m right there with you!

  • Good luck with your May goals! I’m hoping to up my gym game too – I’m aiming to run 5km continuously by the end of the month haha!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  • missgetaway

    I’d rather have you post 4 times a week but with full motivation than you forcing yourself to post daily. It’s mor eabout quality than quantity anyways! And I absolutely feel you on the fitness part – I just recently started running and just like Jess form The Indigo Hours I plan on being able to run 5k until the end of May ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love, Kerstin | http://www.missgetaway.com/

  • These are great goals hun x

    Zoe Mountford x

  • I can tell you’re going to kill it in May from these goals alone! I seriously need to up my non existent fitness game this month!

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

  • Great goals! I had to sport more too!

  • Love your goals – I’m definitely with you on hitting the fitness harder, especially since Summer is right around the corner and time IS flying! Loved this! XO -Kim

  • So happy you’ll be making more appearances on Youtube, I love your videos! x


  • A great list of little product things, I know what you mean about Christmas being ages away – I can’t believe it’s May already and there’s still so much to do!

    Mel ♥ everyword.meljwills.com

  • tiffanytales

    Great goals! I’m trying to up my fitness game too, I’ve even tried a few runs.

    Tiffany Tales โ€“ A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • i’d love to see more videos from you. i have been enjoying them so much lately.


  • I need to up my fitness game too… pool season is quickly approaching in the states which means bikinis… ahh!! Thanks for sharing your goals ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo Mollie


  • I’m planning to up my fitness game as well, I’ve been slacking too much the past few months! xx


  • Dara

    Very nice, Kate! Loving these goals. May have to borrow one or two of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Dara // http://www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

  • Keep it up with your fitness, you’re doing great ๐Ÿ™‚ Daily blogging must be so hard, I can just about manage twice a week! I think that cutting down is totally understandable and won’t affect how we all feel at all! If you’re enjoying Youtube, go with it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jacs

    I’ve also upped my fitness game – with a personal trainer as that is how slack I have become! And we’re heading into winter in the Southern hemisphere so its about to het harder! Eeeek! Good luck with your goals x x x

  • I have been so busy blogging has been hard to keep up with! Great post! xx

  • Lisa

    I’m not sure how you can top that beautiful bathroom but I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for your updates. Your home is seriously gorgeous!
    I need to pull my finger out and set some monthly goals!!
    Lisa xx

  • Johanna and Aria

    I’m creating my own list of goals for May and these are great inspiration. All the best x


  • Maggie

    I have a summer break coming up and I am planning on doing a huge blog overhaul too! I cannot wait to see what you have in store!


  • I always love how you set monthly goals – it definitely makes you more accountable. I need to be more like you too ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha I’m definitely trying to up my fitness game too, but some days, I’m just so lazy. How do you stay inspired to work out, Kate?

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Off to buy a car! It was so fun while I was like imagining myself driving around in it, now getting all the loan stuff together makes it terrifying.

  • Good luck the goals! Can’t wait to see the blog overhaul.


    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your blog! I already love it so much! I am new to blogging and can’t even fathom how you post every day! I say cut down the posting, girl! You deserve it!

  • I’m planning to finish off the school year and then revamp my blog! I’m trying really hard to hold off revamping my blog until after I’ve finished all my exams, but the desire to procrastinate is so real -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Lucy Birchall

    Kate, I’m so jealous of your interior knack, you could honestly transform a fricken’ cardboard box into a seriously re-pinnable object, ha!
    Totally know what you mean about time away from the gym meaning it’s 10x harder to get back into the swing of things. I had a crazy month in March and then trying to get back into my old routine was horrendous, and I actually felt I’d lost a lot of the confidence I’d built up, sob. I’ve decided to actually plan in some workouts with the trainers at the gym to feel a bit more motivated and re-inspired so fingers crossed May is a fab month for fitness!

    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty

  • I’m always excited to see my favourite bloggers coming up with a new look for their blog, so I can’t wait to see your end result!
    I’m personally always wanting to change up my blog’s look, but I can never settle on one look so I keep postponing it.

    As for exercising goals, well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I actually need to START working out, and consistently, too!

    Liyana | Affordorable

  • Megan Clarke

    These are pretty much my new years resolutions, my DIY project being decorating my room!


  • I upped my fitness game in January and have been absolutely loving seeing the results! I’ve posted a tonne of fitness related posts on my blog if you fancy checking them out.

    charlotte / styleaked