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My December Rituals.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Oh December, you are such a magical month! As soon as the 1st arrives I feel so content! I love how crazy busy I get with work and seeing friends, scheduling dinners and going to parties (pre-covid of course!), knowing that after all the madness I have a few days over Christmas to hunker down, spend days in my PJs, go for long country walks and eat as much chocolate as I want. And don’t even get me started on mimosas for breakfast!

Jordan and I looooove to totally embrace our Christmas rituals, especially in the evenings. We’ll pile all the blankets on the sofa, put on a Christmas film, whip up a cocktail or a cheeseboard and snuggle down in front of the TV. It’s just those little moments I love so much!

So I thought I’d share some of our little traditions, from our old life before everything came to a halt, and the more laidback rituals we’ll be adopting this year. I hope this gets you feeling all lovely and festive…

Christmas Movie Marathon

Jordan’s had a Christmas moving on every single night for the last two weeks, I’m usually still tapping away on my laptop in the evenings but I don’t mind so much when I can dip in and out of a festive film!
I think my favourites include Elf, Home Alone 2, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Night Before, Christmas Chronicles and The Santa Clause… to name but a few!

Decorating The Flat

I used to think buying full on decorations every year was wasteful, but we’ve built up such a lovely collection now that feels quite timeless – as in I don’t feel like I’ll get sick of them any time soon!
We bought a fake tree with built-in lights last year and I have zero regrets, it’s beautiful and full and makes no mess. I also picked up some of these beautiful snowflake decorations and I adore them, they just pop against the green shelves.
For the mantle in our spare room, I bought a bunch of faux foliage to decorate it with. Next year I’ll get the real deal for that beautiful pine scent!

Our Annual Evening Out

Last year we went all out and booked dinner at The Ivy and then to see It’s A Wonderful Life at the indie cinema here. It was the 23rd December and we were both pretty much finished with work for the year, so we shared a bottle of wine over dinner, followed by prosecco in the cinema (oh how I love that film! Jordan had been trying to get me to watch it for years before I finally caved!).
It was a magical evening, and knowing it was Christmas Eve the following day made it all the more exciting. We said we would make it a tradition and do it every year, but it wasn’t to be this year so I’m hoping we can pick it back up next year!

The Small Gatherings

Christmas is the best time to catch up with the people you haven’t seen in forever, and the ones you see all the time. We usually have a big flat party for my birthday, as well as lots of cosy cheese and wine nights throughout December. I love hosting, I set up my bar cart, go crazy with the cheeseboards (see my post here!) and ply everyone with drinks until we’re all very, very merry.
Obviously that won’t be happening this year and it’s probably the tradition I’ll miss the most, my birthday flat parties are notorious and I think this is the first year in about 8 years I haven’t had one!

Christmas Music All Day Long

I always say I can never be without music – as in, I’ll pick a playlist for the drive to the supermarket, and then put in my AirPods for the trip around the aisles too. Usually I’ll listen to my usual Daily Mixes on Spotify, but recently Jord’s been putting Magic Christmas on the Sonos throughout the flat, and last night we watched the Christmas music channels and I absolutely loved it. There’s just some Christmas songs you never ever get bored of – for me it has to be All Alone On Christmas by Darlene Love.

Cocktails, Cocktails & More Cocktails

Okay so we all know I love a good tipple in the evening, especially in December when it’s just so fun to drink Bailey’s while you’re nestled on the sofa! I’m not a biiiiig drinker in that usually one or two drinks (usually only at the weekend!) does me, but come December we do get a little wild sometimes!
I’m glad I’ve married someone who will happily sink prosecco until we’ve singing in to the TV remote to YouTube karaoke, but I do feel bad for my poor neighbours!
I’ve been on a cocktail making mission this year, so if you’re looking for a delicious drink for December, may I suggest my Spicy Caramel Apple Martinis or Salted Caramel Espresso Martinis?

But For Now, Simpler Times

This year is going to be quite different than our usual Christmas Day, and I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of people. Usually Jordan and I would spend Christmas with my brother Matthew and his girlfriend, but this year they’re spending it with her family, and since the rest of my family are in New Zealand, Australia and London, it’s just going to be the two of us!
We would usually have Christmas with Jordan’s side of the family on the 27th, which I look forward to every single year, but we’ve had to cancel that too.
Honestly, I’m looking forward to a few days off with Jordie – we’re planning on having a lowkey day of mimosas, brunch, a relaxed Christmas dinner, a big walk and maybe a drive out to Loch Lomond if we’re allowed on Boxing Day. I want to stay in my PJs and drink champagne all afternoon, watch Christmas films and have no real responsibilities apart from to keep an eye on dinner while it cooks! Heavenly.

I know this year has been tough in so many ways, I’m missing my family in New Zealand so much and even my friends in Glasgow I haven’t seen all year! This year we had planned to meet up with my side of the family for Christmas for the first time in many years, and when that couldn’t happen my dad had hoped to come to Glasgow but in the end it just wasn’t possible. He’ll be spending Christmas on his own for the second year since my mum passed away and I find that really hard to even think about.

I hope wherever you are, and whatever your plans are, you can find some joy during Christmas. See it as a time to be a bit selfish, to take some real time off, to sleep until noon, stay in your PJs all day, have movie marathons and eat chocolate for breakfast. Take care of yourselves, find magic where you can and tell your friends and family you love them xo.

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