2 Mar 2021 10 comments

My Goals For March.

Hooray for March!

March to me means hope; hope for better weather, longer days, positive news, promising plans, signs of spring. I felt so happy waking up today, especially when the sun made a surprise appearance. It just feels like we’re on the up right now!
Let’s hope this is true – I feel like my life for the last few months has revolved entirely around working, walking and drinking wine. Not a bad life, but I could do with a change!

With that in mind, here’s a few things I’ve got planned for the month ahead…

01. I’m usually pretty busy at this time of year as Scotland’s Home Of The Year typically airs around April time so I have lots of press to do surrounding it. This year, like last year, it’ll probably be all zoom interviews and photos I’ve shot myself but it’s still fun to chat about the show and cast my mind back to filming last year. I’m honestly still amazed we managed to film in the middle of a pandemic, we got very lucky! I can’t wait for the show to air, I know this series is going to be great!

02. I’ve mentioned before that we hurriedly did our kitchen in lockdown (I call it our Pandemic Kitchen) on a budget, and now I want to go back and spend a little more making it a little bit more practical and more “me”. I really struggled with the layout (tenement kitchens are lovely but tricky as hell), and I know there’s a better way to make it work but I can’t think how.
I’ve asked my guy who does our shelves/wardrobes to help me so hopefully we can come up with something! I think I’ll either change the worktops or cabinet fronts (which was always our plan) but then I think I’ll need to switch out the tiles… but I love the tiles, so I would only do this if they could get them off the wall unscathed so I could reuse them. Hopefully I can finish this kitchen as it’s the only room I don’t feel completely happy with.

03. I need to have a serious wardrobe declutter this month because I’ve run out of wardrobe space and I keep discovering clothes I haven’t worn in years. Usually I would donate most of the bits I clear out, but since charity shops aren’t open, I might try my hand at Depop again – always a ball-ache but it has to be done! I’ll let you know when I get myself sorted and put things online, it’s probably going to be a big job…

04. I feel slightly more hopeful than I did a few weeks ago, and I know things will take a while to feel any semblance of normality but at least there’s some sort of plan in place that we can look forward to! I was looking over my yearly goals there and I’m really hoping I can start to chip away at them – things like hit my reading goal (I am on track – 11/30 books down!), plan out my blog redesign and maybe even reach 300,000 followers on Instagram!
I have quite a relaxed approach to my goals, I sort of let them simmer away in the background without stressing myself and it works well for me!

05. Jord and I have been on a bit of lifestyle change lately, we’ve been walking so much and I’m thinking of getting some weights to do some home workouts. I feel like lockdown has given me a bit more time to look after myself, and I’ve realised exercise doesn’t have to mean waking up at 6am to walk in the dark to the gym and then hate every minute of it. I feel like I’m in charge of my wellbeing and I’ve never felt so good! If anyone can recommend any home workouts as well as any equipment (I was thinking two 5kg barbells and a heavier kettlebell, along with some resistance bands?), I would very much appreciate that!

So that’s March in a nutshell! Not a lot on, but hopefully the start of some positive changes! What’s on your list to get done this month?

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