13 Nov 2020 11 comments

A Beauty Overhaul For Autumn.

A new routine for Autumn…

Ever as a lover of summer, I know how easy it is to romanticise autumn! Evenings in under a pile of blankets, fresh from a bath slathered in a softening body lotion, a scented candle burning… it really is the cosiest time of year. And with the change of the season comes a bit of a beauty overhaul for me, as I switch out those sunny staples for more nourishing products to keep my skin and hair in check for the coming months.

I thought I’d give you another bathroom beauty tour today and introduce you to a few new additions around here…

The Extra Nourishing Cleanser

I always seem to go back to oil cleansers, especially as the temperature drops. I love how effortlessly they dissolve makeup and leave your skin feeling supple. One of my favourites is this BareMinerals Oil Obsessed Oil Cleanser*, it makes light work of sloughing away the day’s impurities but is also super easy to remove.

The Soothing Saviour

I live for magnesium, I find it helps my sleep massively and I feel a million times better when I’m slathering it on regularly. Lately I’ve been using the Neom Great Day Magnesium Body Butter*, which is formulated for daytime application to soothe and relax while also giving skin a dreamy glow and providing skin with a dose of nutrients. It’s lovely stuff and something to have on hand throughout autumn and winter.

A Haircare Overhaul

It’s not only my skincare getting a bit of an overhaul this season – my hair definitely needs some TLC too. I was recently sent this Maria Nila shampoo and conditioner from the Head & Hair Heal range which not only look cute, but also aims to soothe the scalp and promote hair growth. I haven’t tried these yet but I’ve loved the brand in the past so I’m hoping these will the thumbs up from me.

A Softening Staple

I did my first BeautyPie order in forever recently and I had to pick up the much loved Super Healthy Skin Body Creme. Everyone seems to love this and I’ve been waiting for my lotion stockpile to run low before I ordered it. It smells delicious, feels seriously luxurious on the skin and keeps my wintery reptilian skin feeling soft and supple. I’m a fan!

Something New To Try

Another BeautyPie product I added to my order was the Oxygen Instant Facial Refuelling Mask which is hailed as a bit of a ‘do it all’ wonder. I’m yet to try it but the description already sounds wonderful – the brand says it ‘brightens, moisturizes, re-energizes, clarifies and clears skin’… I mean, what more could you need?!

A Brightening Boost

As you can probably see from a quick scan of my beauty shelves, I’m quite a big fan of Summer Fridays! I love their clean formulations, and the packaging ain’t bad either.
I recently added the CC Me Serum to my routine, my skin can be a bit hit and miss with vitamin C but I’ve been introducing this slowly and so far, so good. I expect to have a bright, glowy complexion to rival the brand’s founders in no time!

…And An Autumn Pick Me Up

What’s a cosy evening in without a candle eh? I recently repurchased one of my all time favourite scents, Le Labo Santal 26 – this is the scent of New York hotel lobbies, I just adore it so much! Slightly woody, a little bit smoky… it’s the ultimate autumn scent!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll slope for a midday bath – surely the only perk of these wild times?! What have you introduced to your routine ready for the chilly seasons?

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