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Vegan Chocolate Orange Mousse.

The perfect plant-based dessert!

This is one of the most deeeelish and easiest desserts I’ve come across, it’s become a bit of a go-to treat for me because I usually always have the ingredients, and it keeps well in the fridge too. I first made it on an Origins trip I went on to Chewton Glen (I told you I am forever doing cooking classes when I go away!), and before that I’d never heard of tofu-based desserts. Now I’m sold – it’s the perfect flavourless base for this kind of thing! My friend told me she makes a similar recipe when making plant-based cheesecakes, so now that’s next on my list to try.

I love Green & Blacks chocolate for this, a bar and a half usually does it (then I can save the rest to snack on…), but your favourite dark chocolate will absolutely do. I have some Bare Bones Chocolate waiting to be used and I just know it’s going to taste DELISH.

I love that this sets in the fridge so it becomes a thick, zesty treat – oh my gosh, you guys… it’s so good!


– one pack of silken tofu
– zest and juice of one orange
– 150g dark chocolate
– one tablespoon maple syrup


Melt the dark chocolate using the double-boiler method, and then leave to cool for five minutes.
Meanwhile, use a food processor (or hand blender) to blend the tofu until smooth and then add the zest of half an orange and a good squeeze of the juice. Add in the maple syrup and the melted chocolate and blend again to combine.
At this point you can add a little more orange juice if you want more flavour, I love lots of orange so I usually go overboard!

Divide the mousse between bowls and use a peeler to peel off a small section of orange peel. Use a sharp knife to cut the peel in to thin sections to garnish, then place the bowls in the fridge to set and cool.
Any extras will keep for a few days in tupperware, although there’s rarely leftovers in our house…

Let me know if you’ll be trying this! I can’t wait to experiment with a few more flavour combos (mint chocolate, hazelnut???), I’ll keep you posted on my findings…

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