19 Jun 2018 10 comments

A Rose Scented Roundup.

In all honesty, I’ve only just admitted to myself that I like rose scents. Before, anytime I’d see rose in the ingredients list, I’d think of musty notes and overpowering powdery floral fragrances – you know the kind I mean…

I had this realisation yesterday that maybe, actually, I really do love rose scents. My current favourite hand cream and two of the perfumes I have on rotation are all fragranced with rose. The good kind of rose, that is. Are we all on board with the rose loving?

The perfume that inspired this edit is a new release, something so delicious that I ripped open the envelope (they must have spritzed the inside of the press package, sneaky!) and layered it on instantly. It’s a beaut.
The scent in question is the YSL Blouse Eau De Parfum; I always say I’m quite picky when it comes to fragrances, but this is already a favourite. Soft, musky and just the right amount of fresh, floral notes from the damask rose and bergamot. Something to put on your wishlist for sure.

The other rosy scent I mentioned above is a Byredo number. I have quite an attachment to their fragrances, I was wearing one when I got engaged, and another when I got married, and I just think they do the most perfectly unique offerings.
Rose Of No Man’s Land is another long-term love of mine, I’ve been wearing this so much lately and I swear I’ll never get sick of it.
Lovely and light, this is sort of an edgy floral that lingers on the skin and alters slightly throughout the day. Worth a sniff if you’re near a Space NK!

I bought this Diptyque Eau Rose Hand Cream at the airport a while ago, and I think it’s one of my favourite finds! It’s moisturising without being sticky, and I love the packaging and pump applicator.
Then there’s the scent! A bit more of a typical rosy fragrance, but still absolutely beautiful. So fresh and perfect for a body product. Perfect alongside the Diptyque Roses Candle too…

How To Choose Your Rose Scents

I definitely look to the more luxe brands for the best rose fragrances; Byredo, Diptyque and Jo Malone have all nailed that fresh take on rose – not the synthetic variation you often come across!

And if you’re going luxe, don’t forget to try before you purchase! I had a rollerball of the Byredo scent before I took the plunge of the full size, but I always find the staff at their counters are pretty generous with samples if you ask nicely.

I just had to give an honorary nod to the By Terry Baume De Rose range, especially the Baume De Rose Lip Balm! This is probably everyones favourite product, but it really is such a dreamy pick. So softening and smoothing on the lips (like lip primer, if that’s a thing!), and the scent is delightful too.

Another must have for me is definitely the Baume De Rose Face Cream, a super softening and oh so moisturising evening staple for this gal. I sweep it on before sleep for one happy, healthy complexion come morning. The lingering scent of rose is just gorgeous!

Alright, I think you get it. I’m crazy about rosy notes! Are you a fan too?

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