27 May 2018 22 comments

Our Colourful Home.

Adding colour to my rooms…

I’m sure it’s blindingly obvious by now that I’m not afraid to go a bit wild with colour in our flat; from the mint Smeg fridge to my favourite pink armchair and blush/mint/mustard bed cover combo!

I don’t believe in rules when it comes to decorating, so we’ve always bought homewares that are fun and have character! I like to think our apartment represents us, and it feels like home because it’s such a happy space to be in. I’m definitely lucky that Jordan also loves a bit of pastel here and there, and he’s always encouraging me to get the brightest option out there. Good lad.

The easiest place to start with colour is in the little details; cushion covers and fun typography prints, vases and kitchen essentials. I definitely didn’t dive in with the bright furniture until I had more of an idea of the colours I liked, although it didn’t take long before I was snapping up a few colourful picks. I think my mint West Elm Dressing Table was one of the first finds, and I toyed with the idea of buying the white colourway for so long, but I decided to get the Oregano for a splash of colour.
That was a few years ago and I still don’t regret my decision, it adds something to the room – a cheerful wash of colour.

Admittedly there’s a few hues that I am pretty loyal to; blush, mint and mustard definitely seem to dominate our house (and were my main shades for our coffee shop too).
I adore the way yellow and pink add warmth and bring a room to life, but I also rely on mint as a neutral tone for rooms that need a pop of colour without being too excessive!

One of my biggest ‘out there’ buys was our bed, a blush pink upholstered number from Loaf that I picked sort-of on a whim. I really wanted a mustard coloured bed, but I couldn’t find the exact shade I had in my head – so we went for a soft pink and added a cute brass lamp, and cushions in shades of mustard and mint. A winning trio, if you ask me…
It looks so cosy, all stacked with colour – and it’s easy enough to change up if we want a refresh.

In other rooms, colour has found its way in through the many prints on our walls (usually pretty bold choices!), and bright trinkets that take up our bookshelves. I’m a lot more confident in my purchases these days, although I find that the likes of H&M, TK MAXX and Oliver Bonas have so many pretty homewares that tick the colourful box without emptying your bank account.

My advice would be to start small and see how you feel, I never run with themes in our home so I tend to buy what I like and find a place for it – don’t worry too much about clashing colour palettes. It should be fun and a bit wild!

In terms of my next big colourful move, I really would like some fun yellow wallpaper in our bathroom, and perhaps a bright feature wall in our hallway. I’m ready to step it up a notch and have something crazy… watch this space!

Do you like colour in your home? What’s next on your lust list?

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