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A Tour Of My Office.

Welcome to my workspace…

I’ve been promising a post on my office for a while now, and I finally feel like I’m happy with it – it really reflects me, and it’s a lovely space to work in.
I spend hours in here every single day, so I wanted to create an environment that made me feel inspired and creative, and I think I’ve nailed it!

This room has had many, many looks; it’s grown with me as I’ve taken my blog from beauty to lifestyle, as I’ve become more serious about my work and more experimental with the content I produce.

The main feature in this room is of course, my desk! This mid-century dark wood piece isĀ from West Elm, and I love it – I toyed with the idea of getting the white version, but I’m so happy I settled on the wood. For one, it plays down the pink from my beaut sofa bed, but also I find that it looks quite sophisticated against the back wall. It’s a timeless piece, and it serves me well!

I also have a proper big girls desk chair which was the best decision of all time. Thank you to my faves at West Elm for creating a range of pretty desk chairs, my back thanks you!

I’ve had this wire mesh display at the back of my desk for years, it’s a great way to hang prints and inspiration with ease. I change it up quite a lot with pretty prints and postcards.

I didn’t always have a sofa in here, but this room is the only “spare” room we have, and since all my family live abroad, it made sense to add in a sofa bed.
When I foundĀ this Fleetwood sofa bed, I was overjoyed – the back folds down easily so there’s less faff and it actually looks like a sofa. The shade of pink is lovely too, a bit ‘out there’ but definitely right for the room!
I love sitting here and planning my posts, it’s nice to chill here with my laptop and a cup of tea in the afternoons whilst I try and remain productive!

boob pot / pink mug / brass mirror / bulb lamp / bullet journal guide / brass tray / floral candle / leaf dish / boob print / oh hey card

I recently found the perfect sideboard for one side of the room – I never really knew what this space needed, but when I saw this West Elm Audrey cabinet, I was sold!
It fills the space perfectly and holds all my boring office stuff; my accounts files, the printer, and anything else I need tucked away!
Plus, it’s an off-white hue so it adds a bit of warmth in to the room.

Most of the prints are from Juniqe, I spent hours finding artwork that I hadn’t really seen before and I’m so happy with how it all came together!
I chose the prints in aluminium frames to tie in with the brass theme in here. There’s a lot of choice on the site but I love what I picked.
When I found the huuuuge camel print, I planned to put it above the fireplace in our bedroom but when it arrived, I couldn’t ignore the fact that the pink perfectly matched the rosy tones of my sofa. The wall here was completely blank before I found this print, and it desperately needed something! It was fate, I tell you.

The prints were the finishing touches in the room!

It wouldn’t be a room in my house without open shelving…

Along the back wall is a set of brass Aero shelves from Swoon Editions, I didn’t know how these would work in here but they’ve actually tied the warm brass tones together perfectly.

I feel like I constantly need to feel inspired to do what I do, so it helps to have a beautiful room to create in. I’ve always loved open shelving, it just brings a room to life!
I like to change these shelves up quite a lot; right now they hold a lot of my perfumes, candles and a few other of my favourite belongings.

Creating a space I love!

I’ll probably still switch up this room now and again, but I think I’m pretty much content with the way it’s laid out. I think the key to feeling happy with your interiors is rearranging surfaces and shelves, it means you freshen up the space without feeling like you have to purchases new ornaments or furniture.

I think my office is the perfect example of organised clutter – it’s definitely not minimal, since I have a lot of crap that I can’t bear to part with! – but it’s tidy and never overwhelming.
Personally, I work better in a clean but fun area so I love having a bit of “life” around me. I know not everyone could work in such a busy environment, but I think being surrounded by my favourite possessions keeps me feeling motivated!

I hope you enjoy this little look at my workspace, I don’t even mind being in here at the weekends which is saying something!
Has this post given you some ideas for your own desk?

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