12 Jan 2017 39 comments

A Place To Store My Jewels.

I’m slowly moving my trinkets, jewels, lotions and potions in to the bedroom – most of these bits were previously stored in my office room, so I was excited to rehome them in a proper space when I decided to turn the office in to an actual real workspace.

I knew I would use the new faux fireplace (post and video coming!) to store my favourite pieces, and so I asked Jordan for some jewellery storage for Christmas. He did not disappoint, finding a treasure trove of marble and brass goodies on which I could store all my favourite pieces.
I have a whole lot of gold jewellery, it’s the only hue I’ll ever wear – with the exception of a few rose gold pieces. It works best with my skin tone, and I love the classic style of warming gold accessories.


The marble jewellery box currently holds a few bigger earrings and such, I love how neatly this sits on top of the fireplace. I know this will be full of jewels in no time, as I’m going through a bit of a jewellery moment right now!

Most of my necklaces are being kept on the jewellery stand, although I’m a pendant kind of girl so a lot of them are a little long for here – I may need to consider other options in the near future, but for now I love this unique little piece. I’ve never wanted a jewellery stand before, but this is a bit of a game-changer – so chic!


I also got a couple of brass storage boxes to keep earrings and smaller accessories in. These are probably my favourites of the lot as they’re so versatile and really stand out. I’m waiting for a new set of chest of drawers to arrive, so I think I’ll stash a box or two on top so I can browse my jewels with ease. I’ll definitely feel like a seven-times married cat lady when I’m rummaging for my rings.

Ooh this makes me feel so satisfied, everything in its place, lookin’ cute. Do you have a place to store your jewellery?