14 Jul 2016 45 comments

A Budget ‘Do It All’ Palette.


I was putting together a little drugstore look for my channel recently when I realised I had no budget eyeshadow palettes. None. Nada. I couldn’t believe that in all my drawers of makeup, I didn’t know of a single palette under £15 that was worthy of being in my stash!

This all changed recently when I spied this Maxfactor Masterpiece Golden Nudes Palette. Eight pigmented shades ranging from an everyday champagne shimmer, to golden hues and richer, smokey shades at the opposite end.

The gold packaging sort of sucked me in, but I was seriously impressed by the quality – each shade really packed a punch when it came to pigment, and the almost creamy texture blended out perfectly.
I can get quite a lot of use out of the shades as I tend to wear the light shimmery shades on my lids and then smudge in a darker chocolate pick in to my lower lashes for maximum drama.


If I picked again, or I was going to add to my stash, I would probably get one of the other shades – I didn’t see these at first and I do wish I had bought the cooler tones of Cappuccino Nudes. I’m probably drawn more to these ashy colours, although I do love the Golden Nudes and I get a lot of use out of the dinky palette.
There’s also a Rose Nudes edition, if that’s more your thing!

I’m surprised at how much I enjoy everything from the formula to the shade range in this little palette, and the handy travel size definitely wins with me! At £15, I think it’s probably a bit pricey for a budget brand, but Maxfactor do 3for2 often (like, right now!), so I think that’s what makes it more worthy of a drugstore label.

Have you spied these in store?