18 Mar 2021 Lifestyle 7 comments

A Positivity Chat About The Year Ahead.

It feels like this latest lockdown stretch is really dragging, I’ve never felt so exhausted, defeated, hopeless and drained! I am itching for a taste of my old life, or even just some of the privileges (for lack of a better word...

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25 Feb 2021 Interiors 7 comments

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Tenement Flat.

If you’ve followed me for more than say, five minutes, you’ll know I am incredibly passionate about the tenement buildings of Scotland – specifically Glasgow, where I live. If you’re not familiar with a tenement, they...

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5 Feb 2021 Home Tours Inspiration Interiors Lifestyle Music 6 comments

Our Record Player & Sound Set-Up.

This is one of those posts I get asked about all the time; which record player do we have? Are the Marshall speakers worth it? What are your favourite vinyls? I’ve been meaning to put together a post on our set-up for so long, a...

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25 Mar 2021 Interiors 6 comments

My Five Favourite Features Of Our Home.

My most loved spaces in our new place… 
 Since moving in to our new flat last July, we’ve really worked on making it our own – obviously it underwent a full renovation last year but a lot of what I love about our flat ...

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10 Feb 2021 Lifestyle 3 comments

A Snow Day Catchup.

Some mid-week musings… Hiya! It’s been a while since I sat down at my laptop and wrote an unplanned post, but it seemed like a good day to do it. I’ve been in hormonal hell lately but it finally lifted this week ...

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