27 Jan 2021 Lifestyle Personal 10 comments

On Surviving Lockdown.

Moving forward in miserable times… Oh hello, lockdown #753! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable. It doesn’t look like you’ll be leaving any time soon. I’ll be honest, the first lockdown was an odd ti...

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2 Mar 2021 Lifestyle 10 comments

My Goals For March.

Hooray for March! March to me means hope; hope for better weather, longer days, positive news, promising plans, signs of spring. I felt so happy waking up today, especially when the sun made a surprise appearance. It just feels li...

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4 Dec 2020 Cocktails 9 comments

Spiced Caramel Apple Martinis.

Christmas is always cocktail time for us, Jord and I love experimenting with the contents of our bar cart and I really think our latest creation is our best yet! I absolutely love it. We’re usually just weekend drinkers, wai...

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9 Dec 2020 Home Tours Interiors 9 comments

A Festive Living Room Tour.

It’s beginning to look a lot like… I’ll be honest, the only room we ever really decorate for Christmas is our living room! It’s the room we spend the most time in, and with the Christmas tree and all the ot...

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21 Jan 2021 Home Tours Interiors 8 comments

A Bedroom Before & After.

A snoop around our bedroom… I can’t believe we finally have another room ready to show you! Although it has taken us almost two years to get to this point (oh my god that has literally SHOCKED ME, renovating is no joke...

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19 Feb 2021 Beauty 8 comments

10 Beauty Products I’ll Always Repurchase.

For the most part, I always think repurchasing products is slightly pointless – there’s so many brilliant brands out there, products being released daily, why not branch out and try something new? But even so, there’s so...

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25 Feb 2021 Interiors 7 comments

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Tenement Flat.

If you’ve followed me for more than say, five minutes, you’ll know I am incredibly passionate about the tenement buildings of Scotland – specifically Glasgow, where I live. If you’re not familiar with a tenement, they...

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