9 Mar 2021 Lifestyle Personal 22 comments

Lessons On Loss.

This week will be a tough one for so many of us, as Mother’s Day nears and we wonder how (and if) to commemorate such a day. This will be my second Mother’s Day without my mum and I doubt it’ll feel any easier, even though I...

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31 Dec 2020 Inspiration Lifestyle 14 comments

Looking Back On 2020.

Well, I think it’s fair to say that the opening year of the new decade was not a success! 2020, you were unexpected, uncertain, unprecedented, unfair and unhinged. No one, literally no one, could have foreseen such a wild time a...

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4 Jan 2021 Inspiration Lifestyle 12 comments

My Goals For 2021.

So this is the new year… …and I don’t feel any different! Actually, that’s a Death Cab lyric… I guess I feel a little different! Today we packed away our Christmas decorations, took down the tree and ...

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1 Feb 2021 Inspiration Lifestyle 12 comments

My Goals For February.

When I was growing up, my mum was always telling me to stop wishing my life away – I would always say “I can’t wait until the summer holidays”, “I can’t wait to be 18!”, and I always remem...

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16 Feb 2021 Inspiration Lifestyle 11 comments

Taking A Break From Technology.

Let’s talk tech… I have a love/hate relationship with my devices; I rely on them heavily – for my job, to keep up with my family in New Zealand, as means of communicating with my friends, to keep boredom at bay. It is my...

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14 Jan 2021 Books 11 comments

Every Book I Read In 2020.

On this year’s reading list… While it was a terrible year in general, it was a great year for reading material! This year was the first year I set myself an actual reading goal, although I do usually read about 30 book...

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27 Jan 2021 Lifestyle Personal 10 comments

On Surviving Lockdown.

Moving forward in miserable times… Oh hello, lockdown #753! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable. It doesn’t look like you’ll be leaving any time soon. I’ll be honest, the first lockdown was an odd ti...

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