I always want to be completely transparent when it comes to blogging and creating content in general, as I understand that I have an audience that trusts me and the words on these pages.

I would never endorse anything I don’t adore, and I wouldn’t work with a brand that doesn’t fit me and my content. I regularly turn down collaborations for this very reason!

What’s more, I’m proud to work with the brands that I do team up with so I’ll always make a point to declare any paid work – whether that be a sponsored post, advertised social or a paid video collaboration.
My sponsored blog posts and videos always include a short disclaimer, and any paid social content will feature the #ad hashtag. I’m all about honesty.

As for products that are gifted to me, I find this is a little bit of a grey area but I try to be as upfront as I possibly can.
A lot of the beauty products on this blog are sent to me to trial, I don’t have to feature them, I don’t even have to like them or use them – though I do usually trial everything I’m sent.
Saying that, I love shopping too so I also buy a lot of products that feature on katelavie.com.

Sometimes I’m sent something, blog about it, and then (re)purchase it myself when that sample is used up – this happens a lot and it can be hard to keep track of this. We’re talking about a lot of makeup here!
For this reason, I don’t tend to disclose when I’ve been gifted beauty products in my posts – I’ve reached this decision over the course of a few years and I think it works best for me.
I have no ulterior motive, I just really like recommending good products! I think a lot of my readers will know that they can trust my recommendations.

You may have also noticed that I often use affiliate links when linking to items. Affiliate links enable me to earn a little bit of commission when my readers buy something through one of my links.
I don’t abuse these, but they’re a great way to track what you guys like to see, and of course the money I do earn allows me to improve my blog and pay for faster hosting – things like that.

I truly hope this clears up some unanswered questions or niggles you may have had. Blogging is constantly changing, but I know I’ll always stay true to myself!

Any questions? Feel free to email me!