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My Daily Shower Essentials.

My everyday shower BFFs…

After a morning of sweating it out at the gym (*hair flick*), I look forward to a big ol’ scrub in the shower! There is no better feeling than lathering up my hair and scrubbing my lizard-like legs while testing out the acoustics in my bathroom with a flawless rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’.

I would usually gloss over these products on the blog, giving air time to my favourite highlighters and cleansers instead, but this little lineup is with me day in, day out – and they deserve a mention! Let me give you a rundown…

For hair, I usually shake it up depending on how I’m feeling. My hair seems to love using different shampoo and conditioners regularly, but at the moment I have the R+Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner on the go. I really like R+Co as a brand and I find thickening duos like this work wonders on my fine locks. Plus the packaging is just perfect!
These are okay, I probably wouldn’t repurchase but I do think they make my hair feel a bit thicker but I don’t think it seems as swishy. It’s a bit a compromise.

More Haircare Faves…

For days when my hair needs a deep clean, I love the IGK Low Key Walnut Scalp Scrub – the perfect Sunday night product for fresh locks the following day! I use it instead of shampoo, the cooling scrub sweeps away grease, grime and the week’s dry shampoo for soft, shiny hair.

I also keep these Living Proof wonders on hand; I shampoo with a small dollop of this Living Proof Full Shampoo, another winner for thicker locks, and then I follow with the Living Proof Restore Conditioner which is a real treat for my tresses. I find that the combination of the two products are best for my bleached, fine hair.

An unexpected staple…

For a little extra TLC, I use this In-Shower Scalp Massager that I bought from Amazon. I didn’t know that I even needed this tool, but now I have it I love it! It effortlessly cleanses my scalp and acts like a little head massage, stimulating my scalp and (I’m hoping) helping my hair in the long run too!

I just put a dollop of shampoo in my wet hair, pick up my little massager and then move in circles to lather up the product. It feels great first thing, and I find my scalp feels a lot healthier because of it too.

Just the thing for a perky complexion…

Just so you know, my shower experience starts before the water even starts running! For smoother skin I add an exfoliating scrub into the mix – I love this PIXI Peel and Polish, something I’ve been using for years! I begin by massaging it in right before I jump in the shower (while waiting for the water to warm up) and then I rinse it off after a few minutes.

I probably only use it once or twice a week, but it’s something I really think makes a difference. It also helps me shave off a bit of time in the mornings, so there’s that too!

The smooth skin duo…

Finally, a duo I’m rarely without! I rave about the &Other Stories body products way too much, I’ve used them for years – but the latest scent has to be one of my faves yet. First up, the Punk Bouquet Body Scrub a non-abrasive and non-drying skin saviour that leaves a clean, fresh and floral scent which lingers in my bathroom for ages after.

I just cannot get enough of the fragrance – so much so that I stocked up on the Body Wash as well to round off my shower!

An impressive line-up of products that I reach for daily! What are your favourite in-shower products?

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