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Smoothies & Supplements For Feeling My Best.

A little health overhaul…

Although January gets a bit of a bad rap for being the most depressing month of the year, I actually love that feeling of a fresh start so I embrace it completely. I haven’t even had wine this week!
It feels like everyone’s motivated and it’s so contagious that the energy almost carries you through the month! Even if the month does feel like January lasts an entire year…

There’s no better time to start engaging in better habits than now; I feel completely depleted from all the festive celebrations, lack of sleep and the unhealthy eating and drinking – I must be 80% prosecco at this point…

I feel quite in tune with myself so I can tell when I’m low on something, whether it be magnesium, iron, vitamin D or B12. Over Christmas I felt like a zombie – I had sores in my mouth, my heart was racing, I couldn’t sleep, and I felt exhausted, cold and shivery. Not great.
I eat well generally (lots of fresh veg and grains) but I don’t eat meat or dairy often and I find I get run down because of it. Obviously I’m not a doctor but I really see a difference when I take supplements, there’s a few I take regularly to keep me feeling my best so I thought I’d share them with you. These are my own findings, I’ve researched supplements and have been taking these for years but of course, chat to your doctor first if you’re unsure.

Magnesium & Iron

When I’m low on magnesium it really affects my sleep and I feel incredibly anxious. My heart races day and night, it’s such an odd, overwhelming feeling. I really felt the effects over Christmas, probably because I was drinking more than I usually would and it slowly, unsurprisingly, took its toll!
I rummaged through my stash and found my trusty Kiki Health Magnesium Spray, and I doused myself in it before bed – come morning, I felt like new!
When I’m low on magnesium and use the spritz, my whole body tingles uncontrollably and then I get the best sleep of my life that night. The tingling is almost unbearable, but I only feel it if I’m really low on magnesium, if I keep up the application I don’t feel the tingling.
If you’re feeling restless or like you really can’t relax, I love the REN Magnesium Booster Bath Salts – I add them to my bath once or twice a month and always get a great sleep afterwards.

Occasionally I’ll feel like I need iron, especially around my period, so I take the Spatone sachets for a boost. I usually mix one of these with a big glass of orange juice, both for the vitamin C and also because it hides that hideous metallic taste!

Vitamins & Supplements

During winter, I always make sure I take Vitamin D and B12 – I’m not great at taking tablets so I have drops that I take when I remember. I’m pretty slap-dash with how regularly I take supplements, I seem to only remember when I start to feel run-down – maybe that’s something I can work on this year…
For the Vitamin D , I take these drops a couple of times a week and for the B12 I have these drops, or sometimes I’ll use these patches. Both are ideal if you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, feeling down and exhausted or you’re getting mouth ulcers.

My Daily Breakfast Smoothie

I get a lot of goodness from my morning smoothie, in to which I pile almost anything I can get my hands on. Genuinely. I have a supplement drawer full of various additions, so I usually pick a couple depending on how I’m feeling.
Bananas are a great base for a smoothie as they disguise the taste of just about anything and add some sweetness, but berries are also delicious, so I always start with some fresh fruit and go from there.
Next I’ll fill up my blender with almond or oat milk, and then I’ll add protein powder. Because I don’t eat animal products all that often, I always feel like I never get enough protein so this is a great way of meeting my goals. Everyone rates the Welle Co Nourishing Protein, but I find it a little chalky and I prefer my protein powders completely unsweetened and unflavoured so I go for the Bulk Powders protein.

Next I load up on the supplements; I usually pick one or two to add and switch it up daily. My favourite additions include the Beauty Chef Glow powder which helps to nourish the body and give skin a new lease of life.
Similarly, the Moon Dust powders are really great, there’s a few different variations depending on what you’re looking to improve (Mood, Brain, Power and even Sex) and they’re packed with a variety of nutrients to boost body and mind.
There’s also The Nue Co. Skin Food + Prebiotic which I use regularly, especially if I’ve been eating more junk than usual. I find it’s good for getting rid of bloat and generally making you feel less sluggish! A great Monday morning staple.

Another favourite has to be the Votary Super Seed Supplement, which is a blend of essential fatty acids from linseed, hemp and chia seeds to boost the condition of hair, nails and skin. Even just a teaspoon a few times per week seems to work wonders, it’s one of the best supplements I’ve come across.

From there I’ll pop in some Whole Earth peanut butter or a handful of chia seeds, a dash of tumeric or cider apple vinegar. I also love raw cacao and raspberries together, a truly delish combo.

I live for those morning smoothies and although it seems like I probably go overboard with the additions, I shake it up daily so I’m always having something a bit different and getting what I need.

Are you a smoothie or supplement fan?

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