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Amaretto Sours: The Ultimate Festive Cocktail.

Your seasonal tipple…

Every year, we pick a drink that we call our Christmas Cocktail, a little somethin’ somethin’ to sip in the evenings while we watch Christmas films and wrap presents.
But for the last couple of years we’ve gone back to the same concoction; the unsurpassable Amaretto Sour. This is the perfect festive tipple if you ask me; tangy, sippable and with that deeeelish marzipan taste!

These are super easy to make, which is probably one of the reasons we come back to them time after time. We actually bought a new bottle of Disaronno ready for December, and later I was making space in our wine rack for the new bottle when I discovered an almost full bottle that must have been left over from last year!
Then later that week Jordan picked up what we thought was an empty decorative bottle of Disaronno (they release cute designs all the time!), and found it was full and unopened. So now we have amaretto coming out of our ears… and we ain’t complaining.

To Make Two Amaretto Sours

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, and add…

The juice of one lemon
50ml Amaretto
25 ml aquafaba/egg white (see below)
25 ml simple syrup

Shake and pour in to two glasses filled with ice, add a Maraschino cherry and a curl of lemon peel to garnish. Sip while you watch Home Alone 2.

We rarely have just one of these, so prepare to get through that amaretto bottle quickly!

Also, as a side note, if you make cocktails at home often (or even just gin and tonics), I can’t recommend these glasses enough! They’re the perfect size, feel nice and heavy to hold, and add a lovely feel to your evening in.
We bought ice cube trays like this also and they’re the perfect fit – one cube fills the glass!

For an Amaretto Sour you need simple syrup, but it’s very easy to make. Just add equal parts sugar and boiling water to a small bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves.

Foamy, zesty & delicious…

Another note while we’re here (okay, these sound very technical but I promise they’re SO easy!), Amaretto Sours usually have egg white in them for the frothy finish. I think this is too much faff and also quite weird, so we either… a) leave it out, b) add in a drop of pineapple juice (Jordan loves this but I think it takes away from the Amaretto and tastes more like a French Martini or c) use aquafaba.

If you haven’t heard of aquafaba, it’s the water in a can of beans (usually chickpeas). The proteins in the water act like egg whites, so you can use it for meringues in vegan cooking. Impressive, right? We tried it with these Amaretto Sours and it worked a treat, but when I said this on Instagram, I couldn’t believe how many people thought aquafaba was odd… more weird than eggs in a cocktail! I would rather chickpea water over eggs personally, but maybe I’m in the minority there.
I also came across this Miraculous Foamer, but it seems pricey for something that’s not essential.

Basically what I’m saying is, you do you!

So after one massive explanation and backstory, it really is quite a simple mix. Perfect for whipping up during present wrapping on Christmas Eve, if you ask me.

Are you a fan of an Amaretto Sour?

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