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My Five Favourite Corners Of My Home.

A look at my favourite corners of my home…

As soon as we bought this place, I knew I wanted to make it our own – I’d lived in too many rental places not to put my own spin on it… and I really feel like I’ve done just that.

It’s taken time, anyone who has dabbled in interiors will know that finding your style and grasping even a basic understanding of how to make a home feel like home, will totally know! It ain’t easy.
I’ve learnt to love our space and there are corners of this flat that I adore more than others; corners that are so homely and cosy and “us” – so I thought I’d introduce them here.

01. The living room gallery wall, which is definitely just a mini version of our hallway gallery wall. We picked prints that we both loved, planned it together and carried out the tricky measuring and hanging DIY ourselves too – all without arguing. RARE.
It’s colourful and fun, and it’s transformed our little corner in the living room. I’m a big fan of gallery walls, when they’re done well!

02. My workspace. I sit here for a good chunk of my working week, and often on the weekends too, so of course I want it to look lovely! I change up my desk fairly regularly because I see it so often and I think having a reshuffle helps me to stay motivated.
Typically though, it’s far from minimal but I love it – always a source of inspiration! You can see my office tour here, or more of my desk in this post.

Always, always open shelving…


03. We renovated our kitchen a couple of years back, but we’re still always adding to it – whether that be a new tiled floor, or a new plant for the shelves!
I love this room as it’s so bright and fresh, the plants make it feel so calm and I love the open shelving. I promise I’ll do a full before and after one day, it’s definitely worth seeing!
Until then, here’s a post on our kitchen shelving – one of my favourites, in fact.

04. The bed! I adore my bed, I really need my eight hours so I’ve really worked on making it super comfy and cosy. The mix of blush and mustard is lovely and warm, and the prints above the bed tie it in perfectly.
I had planned on getting a mustard bed originally, but we settled on this pretty blush Loaf number and went with yellow velvet cushions instead… I think it was the right choice!

05. This little space in our living room has been here for a while, so it’s nothing new if you’ve been following me for a while! I love it though, it looks clean but also charming – all our favourite things in one place. The IKEA shelves look so much more expensive, and they’re so easy to style too.
Again, I change these shelves up all the time which makes it even more fun, but our Crosley record player, the Marshall Acton speaker and Jordan’s insane vinyl collection are at home here.

If you ask me, our flat has a lot of character – I like my favourite things on display, and we both like a lot of colour too. Pops of warm colours, lots of cute accessories and different textures work with the white walls and greenery – it’s a lovely home to be in!

Do you have any favourite corners in your home?

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