9 Oct 2016 37 comments

Kitchen Additions: A Mini Tour.

It’s been almost a year since we completely renovated our kitchen, and in that time I’ve been hunting down the cutest kitchen essentials to complete the look. For example, we haven’t had measuring spoons in that entire time because I couldn’t find the right brass set. I know, the definition of unhinged.

I made a sly old Anthropologie order last week and it’s safe to say my kitchen is now prettier than me. From the brass rail to the wooden/marble chopping boards and mint details, we definitely have a good thing going on here!


My aim was to invest in some baking essentials that will upgrade my foodie photos and work with the brass theme, so when I spotted these Hedgehog Measuring Cups, they were added to my basket immediately. Hedgehog measuring cups! Who thought of this?! Promotion asap.

Whilst I was on the site, I also found some brass measuring spoons! Finally, no more guessing as I cook. Things were starting to get weird.
These hang on the rail perfectly, along with all my other brass finds, and Jordan says my cooking has definitely improved. A win all round.

These brass scissors were also a great find – the perfect addition to the rail, too. I’m all about the brass in here, it looks pretty sexy.


Everything else we have is mostly from TK Maxx or H&M – I seem to find all of my kitchen bits in either of these stores.
I love the little kitchen tidies and chopping boards we’ve found over the last few months – and my brass rail is looking better than ever.
I’ve been promising a kitchen tour in full for ages, so expect that to be on its way once I find the perfect kitchen table and chairs! I’m almost there I think!

I’m really enjoying having home fragrance options in the kitchen too – I know it’s probably a bit much, but even just having this Diptyque Cypres Candle sitting on the worktop has helped to add a dreamy scent to the space, even if it’s not burning!

Adding a White Company Lime & Bay Diffuser has been a God-send though, it literally fills the air with a really gorgeous fragrance. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a scent that works in any room.


I could have ordered so much more from Anthropologie, that shop just speaks to me! If you’re looking for adorbs home finds at the moment, definitely give the new in section a browse.
I was expecting delivery to take about a year because I’ve had issues with them in the past, but it seems they’ve upped their game. Go Anthro!

Failing that, head to TK Maxx because that place is a treasure trove for amazing finds. Every time I’m there I seem to come home arms laden with home additions. It’s always the most random selection too – some wooden spoons, a bath mat, one mug and seven different candles.

What do you think of my kitchen picks?