22 Jul 2016 40 comments

My Everyday Summer Base.


I can finally say that Glasgow has had an ACTUAL summer. It’s been so warm lately, but luckily for me I nailed a pretty special, sweat-proof, heat-proof base routine some time ago…

I, like most, find it so hard to find a good SPF that ticks all the boxes. Something non-greasy that doesn’t leave me spotty and pale is all I ask for really.
The Aveda Daily Light Guard is my number one at the moment; a lightweight protector that smoothes on easily and sinks in instantly. It’s not greasy and it feels invisible on the skin, so it feels like I’m wearing layer upon layer on a hot day.

As for my base, I cannot recommend this magical little bareMinerals Complexion Rescue enough! This has all the light, dewy properties of a tinted moisturiser but the creamy texture means application is a breeze, and skin looks perfected and even. I really like the coverage of this base, it’s just what I need throughout summer!

I’m really feeling the Clinique Up-Lifting Liquid Highlighter in the shade Natural for a bit of added glow. I find using these soft highlighters all over my skin really¬†helps to even out tone and just add a lot of radiance to my skin. I also like dabbing a small amount on cheekbones and down the nose too, as a sort of last step in my base routine.

For under-eyes, I’m all about the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. This creamy pot takes care of dark bags in an instant, and the dreamy formula is pretty heat-proof too. I usually use fingers to tap a small amount on, before lightly blending in with a finger or soft brush. Too easy!

Last on my list is the new Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks, I have the ‘Get Less Red’ pencil, which is a green hue that works to correct any redness. I tend to get a bit of redness around my nose and sometimes cheeks¬†if my skin is reacting to the heat, so this is a Godsend! The light, creamy pencil blends perfectly and minimises any tomato-face in no time!
A big thumbs up from me!

A pretty awesome routine for looking good in the heat! Have you tried any of these?