31 Jul 2016 104 comments

A Tour Of My Apartment.

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Today is finally the day I reveal my apartment tour video… a project that has taken me hours upon hours to plan, film and edit! I’m so excited (and quite nervous) to finally show you our home in full!

Before this, I had little to no interest in interiors – it just seemed like an impossible journey when we lived in rented flats. Why paint the walls if the sofas are ugly?
Growing up, we always lived in crappy rented flats and my mum would never let us put anything on the walls. We were also short on money a lot of the time, so our bedrooms resembled blank, magnolia shells! I remember many times complaining to my mum over the years, and she would always say the same thing – “when you’re older and have your own place, you can do what you want with it”. I think I took that a bit too literally!

We bought this place over two years ago, and it was a bit of a shell. I remember doing a moving in vlog and more than a few people said it was awful and not to move in!
In that time, we have painted nearly every bit of wood on show, sanded floors, painted floors, ripped out a bathroom, spent weeks planning a new kitchen.
Chose tiles, picked furniture, painted doors, flooded the neighbours (twice!), hung curtains, learnt how to DIY, built furniture, sold furniture, spent £££ on tools.

I still don’t think this place is finished, but that’s the joys of your first home I guess! I said after the bathroom and kitchen were done, I would film a home tour so I’ve had over half a year to deliver.

You can see the video over on my channel, but I also took some photos so you can browse, save or Pin ’em. I always like to snap a few pictures for those who don’t love watching videos.


It’s been a long two years of planning, designing and having builders trudging through, but the majority of it is done! It’s such a personal, homely space and I love what we’ve done with it.

A shout-out to Jordan for okay-ing all my crazy ideas, for encouraging me to change out my desk for the seventh time, and saying “sounds good!” when I told him I was painting the bathroom pink – you got out of that one, at least!

What do you think of our little home?