17 Apr 2016 58 comments

Designing A Dressing Area.


I promised I would give you a tour of my dressing area in due course, and I’ve finally managed to photograph it and even film a tour! Aren’t I good to you?

While I do have a whole chest of drawers to myself for all my clothes, I felt like I didn’t really have a place to put my favourite shoes and bags. They were always tucked away out of sight, either in our hallway cupboard or in little boxes I have set aside for accessories. I wanted somewhere I could display bits and bobs, something to busy up the room a little and show off my favourite belongings.

I thought Jordan might be a hesitant about my┬áidea, but he was all for it – so we went for it! I researched some open shelves, browsed Pinterest and then came up with a plan.


So you can see in the below what the space was like before – it was just a very simple alcove, and it needed something. It looked quite odd being bare, so I decided to add shelves to the space to make a sort of display/open wardrobe.
I asked our joiner to add simple shelves to the space, and I bought a rail from Etsy to hang up too. It was quite simple to do, all in all. The trickiest bit was deciding what to put up there!

Since the shelves go up to the ceiling (maybe around 12ft high), it was hard to decide what to put where. I’d have to use the ladder to reach anything over the second shelf, so I left the other shelves more for decorating. Items I love but don’t wear everyday.
I decided to use the top shelf for a row of books, which turned out perfectly. I like the balance of the old and new.


There’s no doubt that I’ll change this space up regularly – it’s very personal and lively, and I know I’ll have a lot of fun rearranging new seasonal pieces with old favourites. I’ve also realised that I really need new shoes, how can a girl own so few pairs?! I’m determined to fill any gaps with pretty footwear.

It’s different, but the shelves have really breathed life in to the room. I’m so happy with the outcome!

What do you think of my open-plan wardrobe?