28 Feb 2016 61 comments

Bathroom Organisation Ideas.


At this point, I feel like I should probably consider some sort of help group for my organising – I just love sorting! I love displaying my favourite bits and bobs, and I feel content when everything has a place in my house.

One room I always love to keep nice and arranged is my bathroom, as it’s quite a serene place for me. I go here to relax, to pamper – it deserves good storage!
I wanted to introduce some methods of sorting, displaying and organising all your lotions and potions, to inspire you to rearrange and declutter this sleepy Sunday.

I’m all for cute baskets, they’re the most effortless way of keeping everything together. I am a metallic wire basket kinda girl, and I snapped up the above in H&M. If you find these aren’t what you’re looking for, go for simple rattan or wicker baskets for a similar vibe.
I’ve organised mine by brand, simply because I’m quite particular about these things – but mainly because I thought it looked pretty! I also organise by type, so body items in one, hair treats in another. Easy peasy!

Candle jars are a must in any bathroom, I feel – I love cleaning out finished Diptyque or Jo Malone jars (softens the blow!) and filling them with all sorts of items. Currently sitting on my bathroom sink is a trio of Diptyque glasses, filled with daily essentials. I’ve packed in cotton pads and buds – it’s such a pretty way to store these otherwise boring everyday items.


Nothing is safe from my sorting ways! I recommend thinking outside of the box when it comes to this sort of thing – terrariums, pretty glasses, plant pots, bowls… they all make great storage solutions for items.
Turn a ring dish in to a holder for hair pins, store your Lush soaps in a gold swan (another H&M find) or stack up cotton pads in an old pot. It keeps things interesting.

Another storage item you see a lot of in my home is trays – I put ’em everywhere! I just find that they’re such a simple but chic way of keeping everything together. Right now I’m using this marble tray to keep all of my skincare products in one place – it sits on my sink nicely and looks super neat. People will see your moisturiser sitting on a tray in your bathroom and they’ll think “yeah, she has her shit together”. That’s the power of a good tray, my friends.


Drawer Dividers
When all else fails, head to MUJI. These simple (and stackable! WIN) drawer dividers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing additions, but they are so practical. The bottom drawer of my bathroom cabinet is filled with these no-frills holders.
This time I’ve organised all my products in to their own little sections – so you can see conditioners at the top there, underneath is pedi products, and to the back is bodycare. It makes life a whole lot easier when it comes to finding the right products, let me tell you.

An organised bathroom is the key to a happy life. Probably. Will you be having a reshuffle today?