18 Dec 2015 19 comments

Gingerbread Martinis.


There’s nothing I love more than a delicious festive cocktail, and I seem to have nailed it with these heavenly gingerbread martinis!

Prep these for a party, or just for sipping on Christmas Eve whilst watching Elf. I did a tasty gingerbread rim, but you could use sprinkles, or skip it all together. It doesn’t take long though, and it definitely adds a certain charm.

All you really need for this is the ingredients, a cocktail shaker and a couple of glasses. Preferably martini glasses (mine are from IKEA) but any will do!


I’ve made the recipe up per glass, so if you’re planning on making it for two, just double it and it’ll work out fine. I found my gingerbread syrup in the coffee aisle, but Amazon sell it too.


Gingerbread men, crushed
Small amount of gingerbread syrup

25ml (one shot) Bailey’s
25ml Grey Goose vodka
12.5ml (half shot) gingerbread syrup
75ml (three shots) half and half (milk and cream)
a few cubes of ice


Start by pouring a little of the extra gingerbread syrup on to a side plate, and then do the same with the crushed gingerbread on another side plate. Grab a clean martini glass and carefully run the rim of the glass through the syrup, using small turning motions as you go.
Take the same glass and run the rim through the gingerbread crumbs, again turning as you go. You should pick up enough crumbs for a pretty garnished rim.
You can leave the glass (or glasses) to chill for a bit, or begin straight away.

For the cocktail, simply pop the ingredients in to the cocktail shaker, shake well and then strain in to the glass. Easy peasy!

Enjoy! xo.