19 Jul 2015 89 comments

A Bathroom Makeover: The Details.

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Here’s a thing I designed all by myself. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this; I’ve made decisions for our whole flat, but I’ve never really had complete creative control over a room like this. It’s such a weird, wonderful feeling to see it all come together!

The finished room is just… everything I could have wanted. If you spied yesterday’s post, you’ll know the bathroom was awful before the remodel. It was hideous in every way, and somehow we’ve gone from having this entirely disgusting room, to something that doesn’t even look like it belongs in my life.

I took a little while to decide on everything we wanted, luckily Jordan is pretty easy going with things like this so I tend to have free reign over it, but he’s a really big help when it comes to second opinions and manual labour. As I said, the bath was something I didn’t budge on, I knew I wanted a white claw-foot, freestanding bath. I’m in two minds whether I want to paint the base a nice mint green – we’ll see! The bath itself is pure luxury, it’s SO deep and I adore the middle-set taps – it’s just beautiful.
I shunned the traditional freestanding bath taps and shower head for a simple oversized tap – I got this from Bathstore too. The sink tap I found on Amazon for the bargain price of £35! Win.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted tiles, but when I decided on getting our Warmup underfloor heating (cannot recommend enough!), I knew they would go hand in hand. Once I spied the lovely tiles, I was smitten – they weren’t entirely expensive either, I’m not too sure what’s a normal price for a room full of floor tiles but I think we paid around £200 for the floor and wall tiles, which sounds good to me!


The huuuuge sink is IKEA; the only one I found that I liked (I looked at thousands). As it turns out, it’s pretty hard to find a nice sink cabinet with lots of storage. Don’t you just love IKEA? Maybe one day I’ll change the knobs but right now, I like ’em.
I have all my beauty bits and bobs organised in here, it’s such a beautiful sight. Look at those cotton buds and pads – how magnificent. Also, I saved my REN x Cereal collab hand wash and hand lotion for this joyous occasion. Life is good.

I injected a little marble with this H&M marble shower curtain I bought last year and saved for when I had a new bathroom. I had kind of gone off the idea of a marble curtain in that time, but didn’t have anything else to put up, so I just went for it and I loved the result! The mint and grey towels are also from H&M and I love them, they work well with the space.

The massive mirror is a Wilkinson’s find – £35 for this big beast! Fair play it was a killer to hang, but we got there in the end. I’m obsessed with it, it’s exactly the kind of thing I was after – but at a fraction of the price! I hung up a couple of pretty prints across from the mirror, both of which I’ll be stocking in my stationery shop when it launches at the end of the month, so look out for that!

I also scored a lovely bath shelf from IKEA for £4! I was pretty pleased with this, as the others I looked at were at least £40. It holds my tea and book perfectly, and feels so luxurious.

The shower curtain rail and shower itself were Argos finds, both relatively cheap and totally worth every penny. The light fitting is from Dowsing & Reynolds, my new favourite online store! This has a gorgeous wire vintage bulb (it’s HUGE) and I just love it, it’s so simple but beautiful.

I’m still working on the end space next to the door, I put up a cute IKEA shelf with some more plants and an H&M swan full of Lush goodies, but I’m thinking about adding a cute chair underneath. It needs work, I think.

Otherwise, I’m totally in love with the space. What do you think of the room?