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New York City Guide: To See & Do.


I have another New York post coming your way this morning; I thought I’d compile all my ‘must do, must see’s’ in one handy post for you to browse. We did SO much in New York, but we were there for a while – the place is incredibly big, so you’re never going to see everything… but you can try.

The best way to see as much as possible is to do it by area, so one day start off in Tribeca, then another you can explore the Meatpacking District. We really struggled to find places as WiFi is extortionate (I hate you, o2) so we couldn’t really map ’em, so we basically just wandered until we found what we were looking for. It’s good to get lost, and it’s good to see most of it by foot.

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Times Square
This isn’t top of my list, it’s just that it’s… at the top of this list. Times Square is an experience; I don’t really like these tacky touristy parts but whatever, they’re good to see. We kept joking that Times Square had some sort of gravitational pull as we always ended up back here… but maybe we just have no sense of direction. In life.
We went during the day and at night, and it was cool to see it all lit up – the place is SO bright.

Enjoy A Rooftop Bar
We were lucky with this as our friends had a rooftop bar in their hotel, so we blagged our way in there. This was St. Cloud in Times Square and it was pretty awesome, although they did that thing where the cocktails are pure alcohol and not the sticky, fruity concoctions that I’m used to.There’s probably a million and one rooftop bars in NYC, so be sure to frequent one.

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Grand Central Station
Well, duh. This is something everyone says to go and see – we went at night and it was pretty awesome, mainly because it was midnight and there was almost no one around. Yay for no people. It huge.

Top Of The Rock
We went to the top of the Rockefeller Centre on our last day, and it was incredible! You could see for miles, and it wasn’t overloaded with people.
We were going to prebook this, but it was hard as the weather was a little hit and miss, and in the end I read that you didn’t really need to as it wasn’t so busy – I was actually impressed at how quickly you could get up there, even with security checks and all that. I guess the newly opened One World Observatory has meant that the other viewing platforms are a little quieter!
Anyway, a must see in my book – and, unlike the Eiffel Tower, being up at the top ain’t scary at all!

The Ghostbusters Building
This one of the only things on Jordan’s list, so we had to have a pitstop at this fire station which featured in the films. It’s an actual working fire station too, and if you peek in the window you can see the ghost logo on the wall. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Must watch the films.

Brooklyn Bridge
Walk over this bad boy if you have time, it’s an awesome view (you can even see the Statue of Liberty in the distance) and you get a good look at the Manhattan Bridge, which I actually prefer. It’s a bit of a trek, so you could always cycle, but I loved the walk and didn’t notice the length.

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The High Line
I didn’t manage to get any photos of the High Line, so here’s one I stole from the Bloglovin’ team! I wish I had seen more of this, but we ran out of time.
This is an old elevated freight line, which has been turned in to a big outdoor area – complete with lots of greenery! Naturally, I loved it – it was like a little jungle at times.

911 Memorial
This may not be for everyone, but I’d really recommend heading over to the 911 Memorial. It’s an experience that I can’t really put in to words; haunting, serene… I guess would probably sum it up.
The two memorials themselves are unlike anything I’ve seen, and the area is bustling with people! We did plan to go up to the Observatory Deck in the One World Trade Centre but it was SO busy and I didn’t really fancy the crowds. You can just go to see the memorial though, and there’s lots of space to wander.
Central Park
We spent a couple of the warmer days walking round and chilling out in Central Park. It was so peaceful here, and a great little getaway from the madness of the city! I can’t believe this exists in such a huge city, it’s so odd.
It’s massive, but we did see some parts we recognised from films and stuff.

There is just SO much to do in New York, so hopefully I fitted in lots here – I’ll add a little bit more in my next (and final) part, on SHOPPING!

Have you been to New York?