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Ultra-Nourishing Face Masks.

22 November, 2015

I think of myself as having more of an oily/combo skin type, so when I feel my complexion getting tight and parched, I never really know what’s going on! How do I deal with this?! Sadly, the cold weather has killed my skin and it’s like a drought over here… which means it’s time to bring out the big guns. Last night I treated myself to a lineup of hydrating wonders; face masks that work to brighten and nourish the…

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Beauty Purchases

Your Winter Cleansing Staple Sorted.

19 November, 2015

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser is a product I always, always hear good things about, so on a recent Lush trip I added a pot to my basket. It seemed like the perfect choice for the colder seasons, and I was drawn to how rich and creamy it felt. I usually use cleansing oils or creams, so Ultrabland is a little thicker than my usual choice. The formula was based on an ancient Greek recipe for cold cream, and it contains…

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Beauty Routines

Banishing Blemishes: My Go-To Routine.

15 November, 2015

My skin just loves to randomly break out as and when it feels like it; I mean, it could be stress or my diet… but I think it just likes my inconvenience me. The jokes on it (my complexion) though, as I have a no-fail blemish blasting routine that always zaps the zits. Get the pen and paper ready… First up, it starts with a gentle exfoliating mask. I always find exfoliating masks do wonders for pores, blackheads, spots and…

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Tips For A Better Cleanse.

10 November, 2015

If you’re even remotely interested in beauty, and you’d have to be to read my blog, you’ll understand the importance of cleansing. It rids the skin of makeup and other impurities, and ensures the complexion is clear, cleansed and cared for. I have a few tips to enhance the experience and bring out the best in your skin… Invest In A Good Cleanser I can’t tell you how good it is to find a cleanser that works for you; I’ve…

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Trialling Pixi Skincare.

23 October, 2015

It’s been a while since I added to my skincare routine, but with the seasons changing, I’m looking for products that will see me through the colder months – as my complexion becomes lacklustre and dehydrated from the harsh Scottish temperatures! The lovely Cult Beauty girls sent me some of the new Pixi Skintreats recently, and I’ve been incredibly impressed. Pixi are an odd brand, as you would expect them to be a bit meh – my reasoning behind this…

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