Makeup Medley #27.

My makeup has quite standard lately, I’ve barely moved away from this little routine I’ve got going on. I seem to always do this with my makeup, I rotate my entire makeup bag every few weeks!
I’m still very much in love with the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation, a dew-inducing lovely that has been getting a lot of use these past few months. I love the dreamy oil formula, it feels like primer!
As for my eyes, I can’t stop wearing NARS Silk Road Eyeshadow Duo….

Makeup Medley #21.

My ultimate makeup roundup has landed, and things have definitely taken a summery turn! With the recent warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve been opting for a fresh, dewy look…
First up, I have to give a mention to the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (£8.99), easily one of my favourite foundations EVER. I have no idea why (probably because I’m a blogger?), but every few months this works its way to the back of my stash and other new bases take its place. But, I always come a-crawlin’ back….

Makeup Medley #20.

How did a new month come around so quickly? I think I start every ‘makeup medley’ post with that opening line, come to think of it. Anyway, my monthly makeup edit definitely has a summery feel to it, as I opt for lighter bases, bronzed cheeks and laid back lips…
I didn’t expect to like the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream (£23.50), although I do always appreciate a Clinique base as they’re usually pretty awesome, it’s just that a BB cream aimed at blemish-prone skin just didn’t seem to be up my street….

Makeup Medley #19.

I’m giving you the chance to rummage through my makeup bag again this month, and as you can probably tell from the above picture – it’s a very Spring inspired selection!
I am trying a new concealer at the moment and it’s pretty awesome; Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector (£29) is a new release from the brand, a skincare/makeup hybrid that aims to instantly conceal bags and dark circles, while working behind the scenes to restore radiance and perk up the eye area. It’s super light, like a lovely creamy fluid,…

Makeup Medley #17.

It’s time to empty out the contents of my makeup bag to see what I’ll be wearing this month – I actually had a huge declutter again this weekend so I have lots of new in treats to chat about. Saying goodbye to old makeup is so upsetting, but you just have to move on and find new bits to love. It’s the only way.
Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (£25); this is a new release from the brand and something I was truly excited about trialling….