What’s Next For Our Apartment…

I seem to work in cycles with our home; I’ll do a big block of DIY, and then get so sick of living on a construction site that I need to take six months off from any sort of renovation! Aaaaand then I get the itch again.
It’s been a while since we finished the kitchen, and we’ve only done odd jobs in the meantime. I’m now feeling ready to start something again, especially now as it’s more cosmetic changes that need to happen – which is the fun bit!


Byredo Mojave Ghost.

So I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m no expert in describing perfumes, but I’m going to give it another go today as I introduce a lovely woody number I added to my collection recently.
Byredo Mojave Ghost is my scent of the moment, finally a scent I own that everyone seems to notice – honestly, I’ve never had the whole “who smells good?” question often in my life, but my loved ones are all over this every time I wear it. Trust it to be the expensive one eh….

The Blush Pink Bag.

I realised recently that 99% of my handbags are straight up black; whether they’re High Street or high end, I tend to stick to the safer (boring?) shades when it comes to my bags. That was, until I saw a blush pink pick that I just had to have…
I first spied the YSL Medium Kate Monogram Bag in this dreamy blush shade on Pinterest a few months back, and I’ve been obsessively trying to hunt it down ever since. When YSL puts your name to a bag, well it’s basically an unwritten law that you have to own it….

October Goals.

I’m quite excited about autumn being here, although yesterday I almost cried twice because it was so cold – truly, it was really horrendous weather! Don’t judge me, I’m made for sun.
I guess it’s time to just accept that I’ll spend the next four months indoors, but yay for cosy evenings, pumpkin spiced everything and candles everywhere!

01. Say yes to more sun! I can’t wait to squeeze in one last little summer holiday next week as we head to Italy! Mmm Nutella and pizza. Nutella on pizza….

An Unexpected Eyeshadow Favourite.

I think this is the first photo on here that features a seriously well-loved makeup product! I usually prefer to grab a new one to photograph but I had to show you just how much I adore this beaut eyeshadow…

My staple eyeshadow comes as part of a duo, because they really compliment each other and I also find they set in place for the entire day.
I’ve had so, so many compliments since I started wearing this combo, it really is a fabulous way to inject a little sparkle in to your life,…