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23 Nov 2017 Beauty Skincare 19 comments

My Winter Beauty Swaps.

My skin is a bit of a diva all year round, but definitely steps it up a notch when the temperature plummets. Scotland is cold rn, you guys. I keep my current beauty lineup on my dresser and I switch it up when I feel I need to –...

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19 Nov 2017 Beauty Collections Interiors 44 comments

A Look At My Makeup Table.

A vanity overhaul… I thought I’d share some photos of my dressing table and makeup collection to go alongside today’s video where I declutter the lot – it took hours and some true life or death decisions we...

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16 Nov 2017 Inspiration Lifestyle 31 comments

Getting Some Headspace.

Sometimes I feel like I should have it all sussed by now. Here I am, about to enter my late twenties (oh my god pleeease, that cannot be right) and married… and yet I still struggle with bouts of anxiety and negative thought...

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14 Nov 2017 Style 32 comments

My Favourite Statement Earrings.

My history with my ear piercings is a long long, my lovely gran first took me to get my ears pierced for my fourth or fifth birthday… I still remember it, it was my grandpas idea and they didn’t tell me beforehand so I...

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12 Nov 2017 Lifestyle 39 comments

A New Look.

Welcome to the new and improved katelavie.com! What a journey it has been… For anyone that has kept up with me since the beginning (oh hey, KLV vets! Thanks for sticking around), you’ll know that this blog has seen man...

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10 Nov 2017 Beauty Daily Makeup Makeup 28 comments

My Four Faves For An Easy Berry Lip.

I recently said I had (almost unintentionally) stripped back my makeup and opted instead for more of a natural everyday look – or at least my version of it where I apply a lot of products to make it look like I’m weari...

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8 Nov 2017 Beauty 51 comments

The Perfect Bath Setup.

There’s not a lot I love more than running a bubble-filled bath in the evenings, especially when it’s dark and gloomy outside and I know I have an evening to myself. I have the most luxurious baths ever, but I feel li...

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