Kitchen Additions: A Mini Tour.

It’s been almost a year since we completely renovated our kitchen, and in that time I’ve been hunting down the cutest kitchen essentials to complete the look. For example, we haven’t had measuring spoons in that entire time because I couldn’t find the right brass set. I know, the definition of unhinged.
I made a sly old Anthropologie order last week and it’s safe to say my kitchen is now prettier than me. From the brass rail to the wooden/marble chopping boards and mint details, we definitely have a good thing going on here!…

5 Books To Read Right Now.

It’s now officially book-and-blanket season, yep that’s a term I coined myself but it doesn’t make it any less real. Grab a book, grab the snuggliest of blankets and fill up an entire pot of tea because things are about to get COSY.

I truly love nothing more than a unputdownable book; a book you pick up at 8pm and hide under the covers until 2am reading! A read that is so gripping that you don’t do anything else until you finish it. I’ve had responsibilities pile up around me because I’ve been way too invested in a good book!…

Three Fun Breakfast Ideas.

* This post is an advertisement feature for Light* & Free.

If you follow me on any sort of social media, you’ll know I’m crazy for breakfast! It’s basically the reason for getting up in the morning.
I usually opt for yogurt first thing, as I find it’s easy to make it interesting everyday – topping it with fruit, nuts, peanut butter or coconut chips. I never get bored of my creations!
Last month I went to a creative workshop event with Light* & Free, and as part of the day they put on activities for us to try….

Beauty Goes Miniature: My Sample Stash.

I keep a basket of beauty samples in my beauty stash, mainly because they’re just SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, but also because they come in so handy for travelling.
I usually get my beauty minis with Gift With Purchase buys, and pop them in my sample basket to rummage through later. I also get a Birchbox every month, so I tend to have sample-sized products coming out my ears.
So I’m going to give you a little tour of my favourite picks – it’s the perfect time to delve in my to samples basket before I go to Italy!…

My Diptyque Favourites.

It’s taken a turn for the cosiest lately, as the cold weather has left me snuggling under a million blankets, collecting teas and burning dreamy candles. I’m not usually one to lap up the colder weather, but this month has definitely felt quite romantic and comforting.
I’ve been asked a few times for my recommendations for Diptyque candles, so I’ve put together a little roundup for you. My obsession with the brand has hit an all time high, even going so far as to pick up a candle at Duty Free last month!…