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5 Things: Weekend Travel Essentials.

4 July, 2015

I’ve really nailed this whole ‘travelling light’ thing in the past six months; I rarely take hold luggage now as I’m such a champ at downsizing. At first, this wasn’t by choice – I just couldn’t be bothered huffin’ round a suitcase. Now it’s just the natural thing to do… I thought I would open up my backpack and show you my essentials for my trip to Barcelona this weekend. As we’re just hopping over for a long weekend, I’ve rolled…

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Oskia Get Up & Glow Radiance Booster.

3 July, 2015

Since stripping back my skincare routine some months ago, I’ve become very guarded about what products I let in to my inner skincare circle. Yes, I am aware that sounds like something from Tumblr but it’s true – I’m picky these days, alright. One brand that always has a place in my routine is Oskia, a natural brand that can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. I’ve tried a number of products from the brand’s awesome line and I’m…

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Keeping Makeup Fresh in the Heat.

2 July, 2015

Keeping my makeup on in the sun was something I used to really struggle with, my skin suddenly becomes super oily and just slick. It’s grim, you guys. Grim. Luckily, I have quite the routine to keep me glow-y… and not sweaty. I always apply a good SPF, and I thought I would include that here just because I don’t often mention that sort of thing on these pages. I really like the Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 (£25), it’s…

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July Goals.

1 July, 2015

July, you came around way too quickly. I shouldn’t be complaining, July is pretty much my favourite month because sun. I’ve been super busy lately, I’m relaunching the Nouvelle website and the stationery shop to go alongside it. It’s been such a long few months, it was that sort of worry that really gets you down and leads to mad, impulsive decisions. Anyway, it’s almost sorted and we’re waiting for new stock to arrive and then launch time! I hope…

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New York City Guide: Shopping.

30 June, 2015

The final part of my New York guide is all ahhbout the shopping! Shopping is an absolute must if you’re in ‘Murica because everything is bigger, better and cheaper. Fact. I’m a little bit sad to think that a whole month ago I was on my way to the magical city right now (well, actually I’d be chilling in the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland, but whatevs) but I’m going to relive the trip through the last of my photos.…

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