Beauty Purchases

A Summery Haul.

22 May, 2015

I permit you all to have a good laugh at my ‘Summer’ haul, so what if it’s not even Spring in Scotland – it’s called being prepared, alright? And maybe if I stock up on enough sun essentials, the weather will actually pick up and we’ll experience summer this year. Optimistic, indeed. I spent all of Wednesday in town searching for a wedding outfit – to no avail, although I do have one now AND Jordan and I match, which…

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Moisturiser Criteria & Finding The One…

20 May, 2015

Despite being a skincare-obsessed, hoarder of cosmetics, I rarely find a moisturiser that I really love. I seem to have high moisturiser standards and nothing ever suits – that is, until I came across a rather delicious little day cream… For reference, my skin is normal, slightly oily and occasionally prone to blemishes. I find that it’s often dehydrated, but most creams are too heavy and cause breakouts and excess oil, so I have quite the criteria to stick to…

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The Everyday Bag.

19 May, 2015

There was once a time where I wouldn’t even look at a bag this size – all my handbags could hold the entire kitchen, not just the sink. I’ve always preferred oversized handbags for carting around my life – until recently, when I finally decided it was time to kick the habit and go for smaller sized body bags that were a little more practical. I like to think of this as a Spring bag – although you will see…

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A Post-Weekend Roundup.

18 May, 2015

I mentioned recently that I had been out (as in, in a party club – not just generally outside, promise) twice last week, and boy am I paying for it. I decided to treat my two-day hangover (a real life phenomenon that happens over the age of 23, be prepared) with a few of my favourite products, in order to feel revived and a little more like myself. I started with a new release that I am looooving; Origins Clear…

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A May Update.

17 May, 2015

Sunday’s were made for Instagram roundups, and I’ve got a few things to share with you this week! Right now I’m in my pyjamas feeling like a broken (wo)man, I’ve had SO much on this week and I feel like I should just be placed in to a Sleeping Beauty-esque slumber for the next couple of weeks. 01. I got my hair cut this week, I have said that so many times and not actually shown you a snap of…

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