A Pop Of Pastel.

13 February, 2015

I wasn’t having the best of days on Tuesday; we accidentally flooded the flat below at 7am, and someone out there was trying to hack my blog all morning – stressful. That afternoon, however, I took a little trip to the Cambridge Satchel Co store here in Glasgow for a Valentine’s treat… The lovely team gifted me one of their beautiful bags, and I got a tour of the new Glasgow store, which sits in Royal Exchange Square. I had a…

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Home Goals #1.

12 February, 2015

In an attempt to include more personal/interiors posts, I thought it was time I introduced a monthly ‘home goals’ roundup with some ideas and goals I’ve got in mind for our flat. Our house is constantly being switched up, DIY’d or redecorated in some way – right now I have both plasterers and plumbers here! I don’t tend to stick to one room as I go, but rather find pieces for every corner, so I’m always feeling inspired. I think…

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The Everyday Foundation.

11 February, 2015

For some time now, I’ve been on the hunt for a no-fuss, everyday foundation. Something I can simply sweep on without much effort, and know that it will last the entire day – come rain or shine. It’s probably a lot to ask, but I seem to have found it in my latest buy… Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (£31) is a fluid foundation, which I actually prefer as I think they offer a natural, blendable finish that’s both seamless and…

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Rescuing Dehydrated Skin.

10 February, 2015

This post is for the ladies who can’t get enough of the spot cream – I totally feel you! When a blemish comes a-callin’ it seems like the only thing to do is slap on some high-strength spot cream and deal with the consequences later – just so long as that spotty chin goes… I recently got my hands on some Duac on prescription, this stuff is amazing for taking down spots, but also a killer for the skin. After…

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Inspiration Interiors

Living With White Floorboards.

8 February, 2015

Long before I had my own place, I always knew that I would one day have white floorboards – I love bright, airy rooms so it was always a must. We have two rooms with white floors, and I love them – they’re a nice change from wood floors and they really create such a lovely space. Our home has real wood floorboards throughout, there’s no carpet at all which suits me as I’m not a huge fan. When we…

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