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8 Feb 2016 Beauty 33 comments

The ‘Volume Meets Shine’ Spray.

One brand I’ve become a little bit addicted to in the last year is Davines; an ultra-cool, family-owned, sustainable haircare brand hailing from Italy. Admittedly, I hadn’t even heard of them until I started going to m...

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7 Feb 2016 Beauty Lifestyle 47 comments

What’s In My Bag.

It’s been a while since I last gave you a sneak peek of the contents of my handbag, and I thought this edition should feature my trusty Whistles Rivington clutch bag. I’ve had this bag for a good few months now and it&...

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6 Feb 2016 Lifestyle 48 comments

Five Good Things.

The weekend is finally here, which means I’m in an AWESOME mood, so I thought I’d round up a few highlights from the past seven days… 01. Things took a TERRIBLE turn this week when I dropped my poor phone down th...

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4 Feb 2016 Beauty 60 comments

Four To Try.

I am obsessing over these glow-inducing products right now! This ‘four to try’ edition is basically my current makeup routine; awakened, bronzey peepers and dewy, perfected skin. It’s too easy! First up, Kiehl...

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3 Feb 2016 Beauty 46 comments

My Fitness Journey.

Allow me to start by saying that I am not an athletic person – hell, I would even go as far as to say that I actually hate(d?) exercising. I hate feeling out of breath, I hate feeling intimidated in the gym, I hate how easil...

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2 Feb 2016 Beauty Purchases 34 comments

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist: My New BFF.

Meet my new BFF. This is Gigi Hadid skin in a bottle, I promise you. It’s my favourite find from America, and I wish everyday that I had purchased more than one bottle! I’ve never tried a product just like the Tatcha L...

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1 Feb 2016 Lifestyle 35 comments

February Goals.

February, thanks for getting here so quickly. I jest, I really didn’t mind January – everyone is in that motivated mindset in January, and I’m hoping (at least for me) that this continues over in to the new month...

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