Beauty Purchases

Yet Another Lush Haul…

7 July, 2015

Don’t mind me, I just have a serious Lush problem. I popped in for one smalllll thing yesterday (the kinda trip where you don’t even pick up a basket) and ended up hurrying to the till, arms laden with goodies. There’s no stopping me. This haul was pretty much me replenishing my favourite Lush picks, but I did include a little something I’ve never tried before. The Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub (£13.95) looks a bit like a…

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Makeup Medley #21.

6 July, 2015

My ultimate makeup roundup has landed, and things have definitely taken a summery turn! With the recent warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve been opting for a fresh, dewy look… First up, I have to give a mention to the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (£8.99), easily one of my favourite foundations EVER. I have no idea why (probably because I’m a blogger?), but every few months this works its way to the back of my stash and other new bases…

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Currently Feline: Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

5 July, 2015

I’ve totally got a thing for cat-eye sunglasses right now; I’m all about the flattering shape and heavenly range available on the High Street. I’ve snapped up a few pairs lately, and I couldn’t be happier with my picks… It all started with my first pair; the Ralph RA5162 Sunglasses (£75) – I posted about these here, and they’re still very much a favourite pair of mine. They’re such a flattering shape, the kind of style that suits any face shape.…

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Style Travel

5 Things: Weekend Travel Essentials.

4 July, 2015

I’ve really nailed this whole ‘travelling light’ thing in the past six months; I rarely take hold luggage now as I’m such a champ at downsizing. At first, this wasn’t by choice – I just couldn’t be bothered huffin’ round a suitcase. Now it’s just the natural thing to do… I thought I would open up my backpack and show you my essentials for my trip to Barcelona this weekend. As we’re just hopping over for a long weekend, I’ve rolled…

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Oskia Get Up & Glow Radiance Booster.

3 July, 2015

Since stripping back my skincare routine some months ago, I’ve become very guarded about what products I let in to my inner skincare circle. Yes, I am aware that sounds like something from Tumblr but it’s true – I’m picky these days, alright. One brand that always has a place in my routine is Oskia, a natural brand that can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. I’ve tried a number of products from the brand’s awesome line and I’m…

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