Beauty Skincare

My City Travel Staples.

I find packing up beauty products for a trip is always quite a task – I never really know how much of a product I’m going to use, and then…

Beauty Routines

Summer Body Beauty Prep.

I’ve been cocooned in layers and ankle boots and jeans and coats for the last eight months or so, and the thought of actually *gasp* baring flesh is just… a…


June Goals.

I could do a little squeal I’m so excited about June being here! Have I ever told you how much I LOVE the warmer months? I mean, I know it…

Outfits Style

My Staple Summer Outfit.

I’m not sure this post needed so many photos of me, but hey, when ya feelin’ yourself, make the most of it! The sun has been shining lately (mostly, anyway),…