Beauty Purchases

Sephora Haul: New York Edition.

21 January, 2016

It’s finally time to show you the goodies I picked up in New York! I went to so many Sephoras, I just love the place – and the free Wifi keeps Jordan entertained for hours. I didn’t have a list or anything, I was kind just going with it – if I saw something I fancied, I’d give it a whirl. And… well, quite a lot took my fancy! Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist; I hadn’t heard of this brand before,…

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Cosy Winter Reads.

20 January, 2016

These cold days have almost completely defeated me, I want to huddle under a hundred blankets, a few candles lit, a cup of lemon and ginger tea on the side, and a mountain of books to get through! I’m always stuck for books to read, but I had a little reading splurge lately so I thought I would introduce a few that I’m getting through this month. The Bones Of You: I’ve just started on this book, and I’m keen…

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Bumble Hair Faves.

19 January, 2016

I’m a bit of a hair product fanatic – just out of frame in this snap is an entire drawer of treatments, oils and mists. I have quite fine hair, but it doesn’t look it. I’m all about spritzing on the texturising sprays and volume creams until my rivals Adele’s. I wanted to introduce a few favourites of mine, four Bumble and bumble hair creams all designed to help me achieve hair goals in no time. I’ve been using Bumble…

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My Skin Journey #2: A Roaccutane Diary.

18 January, 2016

I know this post will be of interest to a lot of you, so I’m going to be doing a month-by-month write up of my experience on Roaccutane. I’m going to be totally honest here, but I’m not going to advise anyone on whether or not they should take it. My advice would be to speak to your doctor or dermatologist – this is just my experience with it! I started on Roaccutane on 11th December 2015. I arrived at…

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Home Tours Inspiration Interiors

A Sound Setup.

17 January, 2016

I wasn’t joking when I said I’d been organising in yesterday’s post! I love, love, love switching things up when it comes to my interiors, and I’m slowly starting to get back on track after our big renovations at the end of last year. I got my camera out to shoot some of the progress for you, as most of the living room has completely changed since you last saw it. For one, we had our floors sanded down –…

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