A Post-Winter Quick Fix.

12 March, 2015

Here’s what I’m thinking constantly right now… I’m so ready for Spring. My skin has had enough of the cold, miserable weather judging by how dehydrated and lacklustre it looks and feels right now. In general, my complexion is just blah… and I’m fighting back! I recently discovered the most amazing skincare duo – two incredible all-natural masks that work to transform my dull, gross complexion. I start by applying the Oskia Renaissance Mask (£48.50), if you’re a fan of…

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The Perfect Essie Duo.

11 March, 2015

My Essie obsession is showing no signs of slowing down – not with this dreamy combo around anyway. I have a lot of love for Essie polishes, I just don’t use anything else! I thought I would take a minute to introduce you to two shades you absolutely must own… When it comes to nails, I’m more of a autumn/winter person – I love rich, antique golds, dark inky blues, beautiful maroons and dark cerise hues and tend to forego the…

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Air + Grace Boots.

10 March, 2015

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but whenever I travel somewhere (I’m currently in gay old Paris), I always do a ‘new boots’ blog post. It’s purely coincidental and I’m not sure if I can keep it up much longer but I’m glad my secret is out in the open. Anyway, the shoes. I wanted to show off my new Air + Grace babies, my first pair from the new brand. I chose the Jak & Jil boots,…

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Beauty Interiors

Bedside Beauty Staples.

9 March, 2015

I keep most of my evening skincare routine in my bedside drawer – this is basically so I can sit in bed with my electric blanket on, catching up on reddit as I go. It’s the best way to make the most of your routine – I even put eye cream on! I kind of combined this post and made it an interiors/beauty mashup, as I wanted to show you my new West Elm table! It’s the Penelope Acorn bedside…

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Inspiration Interiors

Home Project: Pretty Shelving.

8 March, 2015

Do my office shelves really deserve their own post? I’m entirely unsure. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll probably know I just love pinning shelf photos (see also: donuts and interiors). I have an entire “shelfie” board, and it really gets me feeling inspired. I truly believe (…wait for it…) styling shelves is a bit of an art form. I’m still mastering the ways of beautiful shelves, but I have picked up a few tips. I tend to use…

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