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20 Dec 2014 Beauty 48 comments

5 Things: 2014’s Best Beauty Discoveries.

Oh 2014, you’ve been a great year of beauty discoveries I have to say. There has been a LOT of great releases this year, along with products that I’ve simply stumbled across only now. Here’s a little rundown of t...

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19 Dec 2014 Beauty Tutorials 42 comments

An Evening Hairstyle For Short Hair.

Okay so this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking tutorial, but a new ‘do is always worthy of a post in my opinion! I’ve been loving this simple chic half updo recently, I find it quite hard to make short hair look eve...

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18 Dec 2014 Beauty 28 comments

Four To Try.

It looks like this may be my last ‘four to try’ post of the year! I’ll be carrying them on to 2015 so don’t panic (not that you were). I’ve got a sort of festive offering here… I guess. There...

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17 Dec 2014 Beauty Daily Makeup 42 comments

Evening Makeup.

When it comes to both day and evening makeup, I tend to stick to what I know – but with a pinch of added drama. It’s not too out there – for me anyway – but it’s easy enough to make it a little more w...

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16 Dec 2014 Inspiration Lifestyle 39 comments

Etsy Stores For Christmas Gifts.

I’m often asked for my favourite Etsy shops, and with Christmas coming up I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the indie stores I’m forever browsing. I went for British stores just because of t...

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15 Dec 2014 Beauty 34 comments

A Winter Obsession.

I don’t know when this obsession came about, I seem to have avoided the Pomegranate Noir hype for some time – I think perhaps it was a seasonal thing, as I’ve had the candle burning for a few months and although ...

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14 Dec 2014 Inspiration Interiors 33 comments

Home Projects For 2015.

I said that 2015 was the year I get fruity with my decor, I think I’ve been quite reserved up until now… maybe. I feel like the time has come to get out the colour, turn things around and generally make this place look...

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