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26 Oct 2014 Interiors 57 comments

Living Room Tour.

As promised, I filmed my living room tour video this week – it was surprisingly hard! Mainly because my tripod wasn’t really cooperating and I wasn’t sure how much detail to include, so hopefully I got the balanc...

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25 Oct 2014 Instagram Lifestyle 14 comments

5 Things: An Update.

I always like to do a little update once per month, to replace the ‘Instagram roundup’ posts we all used to do. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, I highly recommend it (but then I would say that). ...

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24 Oct 2014 Beauty 33 comments

Disappointing Products.

I like a bit of variety on this blog, so every once in a while I introduce a few products that didn’t really leave me feeling so impressed. Sometimes products just don’t make the cut – either because they donR...

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23 Oct 2014 Beauty Tutorials 44 comments

Brow Favourites.

Although I think of myself as being pretty low maintenance on a day to day basis (at least, when it comes to my makeup), I do take pride in my brows so I always sit down and do my brow routine properly. In light of this confession...

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22 Oct 2014 Beauty Daily Makeup 55 comments

Daily Makeup: Autumn Edition.

My daily makeup has officially taken an autumn turn! Berry lips, smokey eyes and dewy skin are my kinda thing come this time of year, and so here’s a full rundown of the products I’ve been using… I’m well a...

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21 Oct 2014 Beauty 39 comments

Affordable (Natural) Skincare Picks.

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I’ve been trying to make my skincare routine all natural. Since I made the switch, my skin has never been clearer, so I’m desperate to keep it up. Luckily, most of the products and ...

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20 Oct 2014 Beauty Tutorials 70 comments

Washing Makeup Brushes.

Washing my makeup brushes is one of those chores I dread, like getting ready for school on a Sunday night – I have quite a few makeup brushes so it always seems to take forever, especially if boyfriend isn’t around to ...

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