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8 Dec 2014 Wishlist 33 comments

Christmas Wishing.

A very monochrome wishlist coming your way this morning; as I mentioned (y’know, once or twice) it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, and Christmas three days after so I’m forever browsing my favourite online st...

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7 Dec 2014 Inspiration Interiors 47 comments

A Festive Update.

It’s officially Christmas in our house! We put the tree up a little early this year because Jordan is away with the band until the 16th, and we always make a day of it. It involved an expensive, drawn out trip to Paperchase ...

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6 Dec 2014 Inspiration Lifestyle 33 comments

5 Things: A Few Happy Things.

Well, December is quite a a joyful time so I thought I would take a moment (or, y’know, 30 minutes) to go over some happy things that have happened this year. I know you guys like these ‘reasons to be happy’ post...

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5 Dec 2014 Beauty 35 comments

Gift Guide: £60 & Under.

Another day, another gift guide – today I’m charting some of the best buys under £60. This is sort of anything from around £30 to £60, so there’s lots of ideas here… Of course, palettes are the one thing...

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4 Dec 2014 Beauty Inspiration 35 comments

Gift Guide: £30 & Under.

Ta-daaahh. The £30 and under category. I had way too much fun playing with that fake snow – it was a bit of a fire hazard with the candle and Mouse around, but I made it work. I find Christmas shopping quite fun actually, ...

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3 Dec 2014 Beauty 48 comments

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers.

So you probably won’t be short of gift inspiration this season, all thanks to the blogosphere! My bloglovin feed is currently chocka, and I couldn’t be happier. I thought I’d do my own series as I find them so fu...

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2 Dec 2014 Beauty 45 comments

Four To Try.

It’s been a week or so since I last did a ‘four to try’ roundup, so I have to say I’m quite excited about this one – I seem to have found some really impressive picks since my last post. First up, I w...

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